Pop That: 10 sodas to try this summer

Virgil’s Root Beer
Layered with notes of black licorice, this one is root beer for grown-ups.
Baileys’ Range, 920 Olive St., St. Louis, 314.241.8121, baileysrange.com

Empire Raspberry-Lime Rickey
Lime hits first, followed by hints of raspberry and a carnival finish that tastes like cotton candy.
Lukas Liquor Superstore, 15921 Manchester Road, Ellisville, 636.227.4543, lukasliquorstl.com

Vess Pineapple Soda
It has an unbeatable citrusy zing. To boot, it’s local.
Gustine Market, 3150 Gustine Ave., St. Louis, 314.932.5141, gustinemarket.com

Meet a fresher Mountain Dew that’s punched up with a splash of lemon and orange.
Parker’s Table, 7118 Oakland Ave., Richmond Heights, 314.645.2050, parkerstable.com

Fitz’s Grape Soda
It’s what all other grape sodas aspire to be.
Randall’s Wine & Spirits, various locations, shoprandalls.com

Spindrift Sparkling Blackberry
Its mild sweetness but full-on blackberry flavor make you reconsider the definition of soda.
Veritas Gateway to Food and Wine, 15860 Fountain Plaza, Ellisville, 636.227.6800, veritasgateway.com

Wang Gang 8 Ball Ornge
The local guys hit the corner pocket with this full-flavored, neon orange-colored soda.
Wang Gang Asian Eats, 4 Club Centre Drive, Edwardsville, Ill., 618.655.0888, wanggangasian.com

Blue Sky Jamaican Ginger ale
Ginger ale meets spicy ginger beer when you pop open a can of this carbonated goodness.
Local Harvest Grocery, 3108 Morgan Ford Road, St. Louis, 314.865.5260, localharvestgrocery.com

Oogavé Agave Grapefruit
Light, crisp and refreshing, it’s grapefruit soda without all the junk.
Central Table Food Hall, 23 S. Euclid Ave., St. Louis, 314.932.5595, centraltablestl.com

Think Dr. Pepper with more root, less spice and a hint of cherry.
Blues City Deli, 2438 McNair Ave., St. Louis, 314.773.8225, bluescitydeli.com