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Mar 25, 2018
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Trendy kombucha from your own kitchen
By Rachel Bigler ē Photo by Josh Monken
Posted On: 07/19/2008   

Kombucha has been drawing a lot of attention lately as a tasty beverage capable of healing all that ails. Miraculous claims aside, kombucha is a delicious fermented tea. Itís available at health food stores in a range of flavors Ė albeit for a steep price. However, itís neither difficult nor dangerous to make large amounts of kombucha cheaply at home.

Itís made by adding a kombucha culture, called a scoby (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast), to a solution of green or black tea and sugar and letting it brew for a week. Chances are, however, you donít know any kombucha brewers who have extra scoby, nor do you want to shell out 15 bucks to buy some online.

Rachel Bigler is a Tower Grove South-based Japanese food and culture writer who lost nearly 200 pounds in part by eating traditional Japanese meals. She spreads the good word on her Web site, www.theanimeblog.com.

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