Sauce Gift Guide: $25 or less

When your coffers are dwindling but you're still obligated, here are five creative and clever gifts for food and drink lovers that won't pain your bank account or show up as next year’s re-gift.

1. Missouri State Cookie Cutter & Kitchens of the Great Midwest
Food-based fiction is a special mix rarely executed well. Give both the book and a little Missouri love to the local baker in your life.
Book: $16. Left Bank Books,; Cookie cutter: $5. Lemon Gem Kitchen Goods,

2. Facture Goods Brass Spoons
Anyone could use these gorgeous, handmade brass spoons sized for a salt cellar, coffee stirrer or even serving dishes.
$18 to $22. Bowood Farms,

3. "Hold Me Closer Tony Danza" Tumbler
Getting adequately caffeinated before one leaves the house is a task many of us fail on the daily. Gift this to the friend that needs coffee to live – all of your friends.
$14.50. Phoenix Rising,

4. Collin Garrity Stick Vases
Handmade from beautiful woods that stand up to time and wear, these dainty lil’ vases will give anyone’s table a unique organic beauty.
$8 to $24. Urban Matter,

5. Firecracker Press STL Coasters
With these thick letterpressed coasters, there’s zero chance Granny's Manhattan will sweat its way through to her burled wood table.
Four-pack: $12. Union Studio,

Maggie Pearson is a longtime contributor to Sauce Magazine.