4 cans to crush all summer long

Whether you’re having people over for a backyard barbecue, hitting the river for a float trip or just patio hopping around the city, be sure to stock your cooler or beer bucket with some of my favorite crushable cans (yes, you know Pinner and Bud Light Lime will be in my cooler, but they will have friends along for the ride).

1. 4 Hands Contact High Juiced
I can’t get enough of this beer. All the hoppy wheat goodness is rolled into one big 5 percent citrus bomb. Fresh tangerine and mandarin zest are the lead players, while a generous dose of wheat creates a fluffy mouth feel that pushes the citrus around the palate.
Six-pack: $10. Available at Saint Louis Hop Shop

2. Odell Drumroll
Hop-forward pales are trendy right now, and although Drumroll has been out for a hot minute, it should win everyone’s hearts this weekend. With a tropical fruit aroma, this 5.3 percent beauty boasts a nice juicy palate with notes of pineapple, citrus, cereal and an ever so subtle hazy appearance
16-ounce can: $2. Available at Craft Beer Cellar

3. Left Hand Peach Beerllini Radler
This new seasonal is oh-so delicious and according to my sources, this 4.1 percent mama comes fully equipped with half a peach per can. It’s light-bodied and effervescent while showcasing juicy peach sweetness and just a touch of balancing tartness. Pour it in a Champagne flute for that Monday morning hangover – it’s worthy.
Six-pack: $10. Available at Craft Beer Cellar

4. Bud Light Orange
You didn’t think I would pass up the opportunity to suggest the orange version of my favorite 4.2 percent macro, did you? It’s a touch sweeter than Bud Light Lime, reminiscent of orange Tic Tacs, but has a grainy finish that helps bolster the sweetness and accent the fresh orange peel. If a BLL is a Night Sprite, BLO is definitely a Night Crush.
12-pack: $13. Available Randall’s Wine and Spirits 

Katie Herrera is a longtime contributor to Sauce Magazine, account manager at Craft Republic and director of beer at STL Barkeep. 

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