a very happy un-birthday, featured on the freak shakes menu at soda fountain photo by adam rothbarth

Top 10 First Looks of St. Louis restaurants in 2019

From Elmwood and Bait to the new Fitz's in South County, these were the top 10 places you were most excited about this year.

dishes at soda fountain // photo by adam rothbarth

1. Soda Fountain at St. Louis Union Station

dishes at bait // photo by lauren healey

2. Bait in the Central West End 

from left, elmwood co-owners chris kelling and chef adam altnether // photo by meera nagarajan

3. Elmwood in Maplewood

chicken nugs and fries at fried // photo by lauren healey

4. Fried in downtown St. Louis (Editor's note: Fried closed in July 2019.)

a vegan big mak at utah station // photo by michelle volansky

5. Utah Station in Benton Park

dishes at mayo ketchup // photo by lauren healey

6. Mayo Ketchup in Lafayette Square

winslow's table // photo by michelle volansky

7. Winslow's Table in University City

float's at fitz's in south county // photo by lauren healey

8. Fitz's in South County

the 'nduja pizza at noto italian restaurant // photo by adam rothbarth

9. Noto Italian Restaurant in St. Peters

meat and sides at beast butcher and block // photo by michelle volansky

10. Beast Butcher & Block in The Grove