the tea studio by kilian photo by lauren healey

First Look: The Tea Studio by Kilian in Gravois Park

If you’re looking to expand your tea knowledge, The Tea Studio by Kilian is a great place to start. The retail shop opens tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 11, at 2755 Chippewa St. in Gravois Park.

Owner Susie Kilian’s love for tea began about a decade ago. “I’m the happiest when I’m around tea – it truly can elevate your mood,” she said. After several trips to tea havens like China, India and Taiwan, as well as taking classes and earning numerous tea-related certifications, she knew it was time to open her own brick-and-mortar.

With about 50 varieties to choose from, including roughly 15 herbal blends, Kilian aims to educate the public on the nuances of tea.

“People often go for an herbal blend, but those aren’t really tea,” she explained. “All true teas come from the same plant: camellia sinensis. The difference is in how it’s processed. You could technically take the same bush and make all these types of tea, but some bushes create a better black or green [tea], et cetera.”

In addition to the vast loose tea selection, the shop also features an array of tea-related retail items like teapots, cupping sets, tumblers, shakers and more. While there will not be prepared tea for sale, there will be samples available on a rotating basis.

Below, take a peek at South City’s newest tea shop.

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