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Mar 01, 2015
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Meatless Mondays

Meatless Monday: Veggie Gyros, Two Ways

Monday, February 23rd, 2015



A gyro to-go is one of our favorite carryout options on a busy night, but we’ll lighten things up and save a little money this Meatless Monday with Veggie Gyros two ways. For a hearty meat substitute, marinade mushroom caps in a host of spices and garlic, then saute in a hot cast-iron skillet. For a gooey, creamy option, fry up slices of salty Kasseri cheese, then wrap either filling in a warm pita garnished with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and homemade tzatziki sauce. Get the recipe for the fillings here and here, and the gyro recipe here.


-photo by Carmen Troesser

Meatless Monday: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Monday, February 16th, 2015




Well, we almost made it, St. Louis. Winter just couldn’t let us go without one good snowy kick on the way out. Combat it with a cold weather classic: grilled cheese and tomato soup. Put the plastic-wrapped American slices away; we’ve got a deliciously decadent Grilled Cheese sammie from The Crow’s Nest that calls for a rosemary-scented apple compote, gooey cheddar and stringy mozzarella. Dip it in a warm Tomato Broth (use less liquid for a thicker consistency) kicked up with cayenne, chile flakes, garlic and red wine. Opt for your favorite high-quality canned tomatoes for that fresh taste of summer in the middle of snowy muck. Get the Grilled Cheese recipe here and the Tomato Broth recipe here.


-photo by Jonathan Gayman

Meatless Monday: Warm Mushroom Salad

Monday, February 9th, 2015



Sometimes we need a meaty, filling salad without any pesky lettuce getting in the way. That’s when we turn to this Warm Mushroom Salad. Simply saute nearly a pound of your favorite mushrooms (we opt for oyster, shiitake and cremini) in a warm garlic oil, then garnish it with walnuts, pecorino cheese and fresh parsley. Get the recipe here.


-photo by Carmen Troesser

Meatless Monday: Paella

Monday, February 2nd, 2015



Paella can be as complicated or as simple as you desire. Yes, you can use a traditional paellera and create it over an open flame – or you can take out your trusty cast-iron skillet and try our simpler method. This vegan version bulks up the traditional rice dish with eggplant, bell peppers and cannellini beans. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes, then finish on the stovetop to create a lovely, crunchy socarrat. Get the recipe here (scroll to the end for stovetop and oven instructions).


-photo by Carmen Troesser


Meatless Mondays: Vegetarian Beef Stew

Monday, January 26th, 2015



Meat-based stews can take hours of simmering to turn tough cuts into tender morsels. Vegetarian stews, on the other hand, can come together in less than an hour. Our Vegetarian Beef Stew is as filling as its inspiration, without all that time-consuming stew meat. Chunks of rutabaga, potatoes and carrots are simmered in tomato-based broth that holds surprising depth of flavor thanks to tomato paste, red wine and molasses. A pound of seitan adds more heft and stands in for the beefy texture, and frozen corn adds a pop of sweetness. Get the recipe here.


 -photo by Kristi Schiffman

Meatless Monday: Grilled Endive Salad with Cannellini Beans

Monday, January 19th, 2015



We love surprise warm January days like these; take advantage and fire up the grill for a meal that stays clear of heavy stews and braises. Slightly bitter endive is sturdy enough to withstand an open flame and takes on a whole new flavor profile when imbued with a bit of char. Cover with a quick cannellini bean salad seasoned with bright lemon, dill and feta to perfectly complement that smoky taste. It’s perfect for a light vegetarian entree – though were a juicy steak to find its way to your waiting grill, we won’t hold it against you. Blame the unexpected grill weather. Click here for the recipe.

Meatless Monday: Cheese Tortellini with Broccoli and Pine Nuts

Monday, January 12th, 2015



Take your Monday night meal from standard to stellar with a secret ingredient: browned butter. A few extra minutes of gentle swirling turns melted butter into a nutty unctuous sauce. Add toasted pine nuts to simple cheese tortellini and plenty of fresh broccoli to up the health factor. Then toss it all in that golden brown butter that will have everyone licking their plates clean. Get the recipe here.

Meatless Monday: Shakshuka

Monday, January 5th, 2015



After all that holiday merriment, the last thing we want is a bowl of creamy pasta adding more weight to our already burdened bellies. Tonight, we crave the simple pleasure of spicy stewed tomatoes crowned with sunny egg yolks, dots of bright parsley and salty feta. One of our favorite fast dinners, it’s also an excellent cure for any symptoms still lingering from the past weekend’s parties. There’s a reason we originally called this 2 a.m. Shakshuka, after all. Get the recipe here.


-photo by Greg Rannells

Meatless Monday: Mushroom Stroganoff

Monday, December 29th, 2014



We’ve already lightened up stroganoff with chicken and dill, but tonight, remove the meat altogether for a veg-friendly version of this Russian classic. Saute portabellas for the best textural and visual beef substitution until all their moisture is released, then enrobe these beauties in rich sour cream sauce enhanced with white wine, thyme and garlic. It’s the perfect winter meal to cap off 2014, before you steadfastly resolve to step away from all cream-based sauces … for at least a week. Get the recipe here.


-photo by Carmen Troesser

Meatless Monday: Shepherd’s Pie

Monday, December 22nd, 2014



Shepherd’s pie is a classic stick-to-your ribs comfort dish, but making it work on a weeknight is a challenge. Our simple solution: lose the beef. Here, we simmer lentils with vegetable broth and a generous glug of Irish stout (you know what to do with the rest of the bottle), then saute with toothsome root veggies, canned tomatoes and plenty of aromatic spices. Add some color and extra flavor with mashed roasted sweet potatoes and bake until your mouth starts to water from the heavenly aroma wafting through your kitchen. It’s Monday night comfort done right. Get the recipe here.

-photo by Carmen Troesser

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