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Mar 23, 2018
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In This Issue: A Chat with The Three Kings

October 8th 10:10am, 2013


{From left: Derek Deavers, Derek Flieg and Ryan Pinkston}


Derek Deavers, Derek Flieg and Ryan Pinkston, owners of Three Kings Public House, found their throne in the former Riddles Penultimate space on Delmar Boulevard two-and-a-half years ago. Deavers is the behind-the-scenes biz brains, Pinkston handles day-to-day operations, and Flieg stocks the bar with craft beer so popular that the pub switches three to four of its 21 tap handles on an average weekday. But there’s more than just brisk business happening at Three Kings.

Why did the three of you open a pub together?
DD: All three of us went to college together. We worked in the restaurant business there … so when this place came about…
DF: I was out of work, that’s why.
RP: I grew up down here. I always thought it would be fantastic to have a place in The Loop.

How’s being in business with friends?
DD: If you get in a fight with your business partner who’s just your business partner, animosity builds. If it’s friends or family, you just talk it out. You get mad, and the next day it’s fine.
RP: Business being good takes the stress off.
DF: I’m just easy to get along with.

How did the name Three Kings Pub come about?
RP: We kicked around a lot of names.
DF: I liked The Lion’s Gate.
RP: Falstaff’s. There was a lot of imagery. The character of Falstaff … with that being a former brewery, it didn’t really work out. The other name of Falstaff is Plumb Jack. But there’s numerous Plumb Jacks. We knew we wanted to do the pub thing. We wanted to have a crest.
DD: Flieger was surfing the Web. He found this place, Three Kings Pub, in England that had just closed down.
RP: The king imagery also [referenced] … the [University City] lions. We wanted people that live down here to realize that we realize the history. We’re a U. City Loop bar.
DF: I wanted to turn this into a hockey bar and call it the Dump & Chase, but I got nixed on the vote on that.

What’s your favorite part about being in The Loop?
RP: The Loop is getting a rebirth – Mission Taco coming in and Nico and Tavolo V. When the trolley comes in, Wash U. building [student apartments], getting a world food market down here – all those things are going to just continue to make this an area that’s really vibrant.
DD: You have the greatest collection of restaurants and bars with the best craft beer on tap. You have Cicero’s, which is one of the forefathers in this. You move down with us, Pi, Moonrise, Mission and The Good Pie going in, which really focuses on [craft beer].

What do former Riddles customers say?
RP: In the beginning, we had a lot of people that came in and asked, “Are you going to do what Riddles did?” Sometimes people walk in and, even with the sign, they’re like, “Oh, we thought we were at Riddles.”

What’s the fastest you’ve ever run out of a beer?
DF: About 2½ hours. It was a Friday night. We ran out of something. I was like, “Just throw in the Game of Thrones beer.” And then it was gone. It’s called Ommegang Iron Thrones. It’s a real top-notch brewery out of Cooperstown, NY.

Derek, what’s with the ski caps you wear?
DF: I don’t know. I’ve been wearing those for 10 years.
RP: Here’s Flieg’s M.O.: He dresses in the summer like it’s winter, and he dresses in the winter like it’s summer. We’re trying to find a Three King one for him, but he’s like No. 1 Blues fan.
DD: Every time we try to get new uniforms for him to wear, he vetoes them.

Who’s the real king?
DF: I don’t want to be the king.
RP: There are three people. We vote.

-Photo by Ashley Gieseking


By Ligaya Figueras

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