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Mar 20, 2018
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The Scoop: New chef at Bistro 1130

October 29th 02:10pm, 2010

102910_bistro1130Bistro 1130 owner Eric Miranne recently informed Sauce of a change in the kitchen at the Town and Country restaurant. Chef Marc Felix, who was hired last spring to design the bistro’s menu, has been replaced by chef Karim Bouzammour, who has been helming the kitchen since the restaurant opened in mid-September. Bouzammour, a Moroccan native, is classically trained in French cooking and has spent time working in kitchens in Marseille as well as in the Provence region of southwest France. Bouzammour and Miranne worked together previously at a French restaurant in South Carolina.

By Ligaya Figueras

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4 Responses to “The Scoop: New chef at Bistro 1130”

  1. Sauce Magazine Blog » Blog Archive » The Scoop: Bistro 1130 to dish up southern French fare Says:
    October 29th, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    [...] This story has been updated [...]

  2. Lindsey Says:
    November 10th, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    I do not recommend this restaurant venue based on the service and pricing. I’m about to write a novel here, but I have a lot to get off my chest:

    Reservations are taken for a reason and if you cannot properly manage a reservation list, do not bother having one. Case in point, I arrived at 7:45 for an 8:00pm reservation. It wasn’t ready at 8:00pm, but we were told repeatedly it would be ready shortly…I can wait 15 minutes, no issue. However, at 8:35 we were told by the hostess that the owner had designated the aforementioned table to another four-some(?). We arrived before the “chosen” party and we should have taken that as a clue, but we were approached by the owner and he promised a table shortly (he offered to pay for one glass of wine…thanks). On to the food…
    As mentioned by others, it’s not particularly cheap fair, which is OK if you can back it up. First, the mussels came out luke-warm at best. We requested a hot portion and the owner’s response was “Well, the plate is hot?” I care not if the plate is hot if the food isn’t. Warmers in the kitchen often keep plates hotter than food. Regardless, I didn’t appreciate the tone or suggestion that I was wrong in how I expected my $12+ appetizer to be prepared. The new portion came out hot and delicious as it should have the first time. Had we not received attitude the first time, I daresay that instance might not stick out in my head has it still does. Moving on, we had to request a wine list and we were offered no suggestions. I realize there was no sommolier, but it seems proper in that environment. My dinner was well prepared. I had the lamb, which was cooked to a nice temperature (three popcicles, rather small in proportion). The ratatouille was ok as was the gratin, but nothing screamed that this was a $35+ meal.

    Dessert had promise as I saw a cart going around to make banana’s foster. I ordered the dessert and some coffee, as did another couple we were with. The coffee was luke-warm (we had to request new coffee) and the other couple received their dessert (a respectable, but not incredible lemon tart). The waiter came by with our check, as it was getting late, and still no mention of my dessert. When I inquired as to whether or not it was on the bill, his reply was “We didn’t have anymore, didn’t Eric come by and tell you?”…no, he didn’t (meanwhile the table behind us was offered the elusive dessert, so I guess Eric didn’t get around to telling anyone).

    So after a 7:45pm arrival and an 11:00pm departure, all I was was frustrated and hungry…$250+ later. I keep mentioning price because there are far better and more decadent options in St. Louis/Chesterfield than Bistro 1130. If you’re going to charge that much out of the gate, you better live up to it, and they fell way below. We will not be returning, which is a shame as I was excited about a “French” restaurant option close to home. Napoli 2 (literally a stone’s throw away) and Annie Gunn’s offer tried and true service and delicious lunch and dinner fare so when it comes down to it, I never have to go out of my way for a nice meal.

  3. betsey Says:
    November 24th, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    i can tell you i had the best time at the BISTRO..it was such a blast..we arrived without reservations and were greeted so nice by first the owner Mikki Jones Miranne and the hostess Cait ithink is her name..Mikki explained to me since it was a friday night that they were booked but if we didn’t mind socializing around at the bar or the hightops that if something did open up she would get us to a table as quickly as possible..My friends and I were just excited to get inthe BISTRO there was live music going on too guitar and cool jazz singer..we had a great time at the high tops tasted items and good wines and fun martinis..so all i can say, we never did get a table which i was happy for them but we are definetly coming back ,,i think you just have to have an open mind when dining in new places and one so quaint as this one, the decor is amazing..and everyone was so pleasant and the guests looked like they were just sitting in a french cafe laid back and enjoying life and good food and drink, the way it’s suppose to be..so shame on those who want the hussle and bussel you might as well go to olive garden and see how long you wait there for what pasta??????? See you soon at BISTRO1130..

  4. Stephanie Says:
    January 24th, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    I don’t usually leave reviews on websites like this, but after reading what the first person wrote I felt the need to defend what has become a favorite spot for my husband and I. We have been to Bistro 1130 about five times now and have enjoyed every experience. Sometimes it’s packed and there is live music and sometimes we go during the week and there are just a couple other tables, but everytime the service is friendly but professional and the food is always outstanding. I have found several items on the menu that are just to die for: the scallops, the vol-au-vent, and the lamb are some of my favorites. We have also tried some of the specials when we’ve been there as well. My husband was particularly fond of a black pepper crusted tuna special. As for the desserts, the chocolate mousse is absolutely heavenly and all of the flambe dishes are just as wonderful. I was skeptical about trying the lavendar and vanilla creme brulee but it is divine and served with some wonderful benet. The decor is stunning and you could spend hours just marveling at the attention to detail, even in the ladies room!

    Now, I’m sorry that Lindsey had such a negative experience, but like I said, we’ve been there several times and never had a problem. And you thought it was pricey? I found the pricing to be moderate, and I would’ve paid more for some of the dishes. The appetizers were no more expensive than what you would find at any upscale casual chain restaurant but with a definite upgrade in quality. I’ve been in the kitchen, and they don’t even have a freezer! Everything is fresh! And you thought that the food was expensive but you expect a sommolier? That doesn’t really make sense to me. Also, the staff seems fairly knowledgable about the wines they serve and any questions they can’t answer Eric certainly can.

    Overall, I think everyone should check out this new addition to the West County dining scene. I haven’t met a single person that hasn’t fallen in love with Bistro 1130.

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