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Aug 21, 2014
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Drink This Weekend Edition: Vodka that gin-lovers can wrap their palates around

Friday, November 4th, 2011

110411_vodkaOctober has officially ended, yet Thanksgiving is still three weeks away. So let’s just set down the beer stein for a minute, refrain from cleaning the crystal gobblets and chat about liquor. Among the latest crop of spirits to hit the St. Louis market is one bottle that I will be grabbing repeatedly from the liquor store. And, unbelievably for this gin girl, it sits on the vodka shelf.

To drinkers who deem vodka as a good-for-nothing, flavorless, clear base spirit or as a gimmick of foolish flavors: Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka is neither. It’s an incredibly smooth, soft, sweet vodka – made solely from spuds, water and yeast. No fillers, no added flavors.

Here’s the back story, in brief. Business partners Prentiss Orr and Barry Young began their distilling venture in Glenshaw, Penn., with a two-part goal in mind: to make a sipping vodka and to do it using a local product. “We chose potatoes because Pennsylvania is a big potato-growing state,” said Young. The 80-proof vodka is made in single batches using a copper pot still. The heart of the distillation tastes of butter, vanilla, banana and mild tropical fruit. No chance of a burning throat with this one.

The product showcases what a handmade artisanal spirit can be – from the booze itself to the hand-signed bottle (made from recycled glass by a glass company located next door to the distillery) to the wax-dipped cork. It’s no surprise, then, that Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka is the only vodka stocked behind the bar at downtown’s newly opened cocktail-centric Blood & Sand.

You can find Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka at all major area liquor stores. The fact that this vodka is priced at under $30? Well that just makes sipping spuds that much better.

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