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Sep 01, 2014
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Teetotaler: Meet the Cubano

Monday, November 8th, 2010

110810_espressoAbout halfway down the menu at The Mud House on Cherokee Street sits the Cubano. For those who aren’t familiar with the ways of the island, a Cubano is an espresso shot that’s brewed the way the Cubans do it – with sugar.

There is a bit of variation on how to brew the perfect Cubano. Some baristas will pull a regular shot and then stir in the raw sugar. I, however, like to ask the barista to pour the sugar crystals in the portafilter (the group handle that the ground espresso gets packed down into before being inserted into the espresso machine) on top of the espresso grounds, then go from there. This way, the hot water runs through both the sugar and the espresso on its way into the glass, creating a sweet, smooth taste.

Cubanos are a great option for those who usually find espresso a bit too bitter. The sugar crystals help to dilute the bitterness of a purely pulled shot, and they can even enhance the robustness of the coffee, bringing out new layers of flavor.

The Mud House serves its single-shot Cubanos for $2 in a demitasse and saucer. The accompanying spoon not only allows – but encourages – you to give your drink a few stirs, making sure you grab any residual sugar crystals at the bottom. This drink is great in the morning or after a big meal, providing a sweet and flavorful boost.

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