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Mar 23, 2018
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Serious for Cereal

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

As a 19-year-old, I can’t help but admit how sleek I feel to finally be an adult with financial responsibilities and no mom-and-dad rules to follow. (I also still get a kick out of calling adults by their first names!) However, some parts of me really don’t change; I’m not ashamed to confess that my food of choice is still cereal.

As much as I enjoy chomping through bowls of sugary cereal in the privacy of my own home, as of late (in my new adult life), I have found myself wishing there were restaurants that incorporated my favorite crunchy carb.

Enter my Sauce internship.

After doing some research on the celebrity chef, Richard Blais, I stumbled upon what might be the greatest homage to the blessed boxed breakfast. At Blais’ restaurant Flip Burger Boutique, he serves Captain Crunch milkshakes crafted with liquid nitrogen. Captain Crunch and milkshakes? Two foods that I ravenously binge on when I need to raise my serotonin levels – placed in harmony? Perfection.

Unfortunately, this drink can only be found hundreds of miles away in Atlanta. So I set out to find a suitable substitute.

After scouring menus, I discovered that Sanctuaria recently featured chocolate chip cookies with a Cinnamon Toast Crunch ganache, but it was only on the menu as a temporary dessert. I also found that Strange Donuts is planning on featuring a Captain Crunch doughnut, but alas, this Maplewood doughnut shop hasn’t yet opened. I was going to have to get creative.

Eventually, I found a worthy treat at Fitz’s in The Loop: the S’mores float.

Although the S’mores float is a play on the backyard bonfire treat, it reminds me of one of my favorite cereals, Kellogg’s Smorz; therefore, I am counting it. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional dessert or Smorz cereal, this float is a must-try in every regard.

The S’mores float successfully spreads the joy out across a freezing cold mug, beginning with cream soda and building upwards to chocolate ice cream, marshmallow fluff, whipped cream, Hershey’s chocolate sauce and an artfully placed graham cracker on top. The best part, though, is the fluff. This sticky paste was so good that I timed how I ate all the other ingredients to make sure that it was in every bite. As much as I would love to see 100 more floats that incorporate my favorite cereals, for now, this one does the trick.

Have you found any dishes or desserts at local restaurants that incorporate cereal? If you have, let us know where! 

Drink This Weekend Edition: Doing the proof on cocktails at Pi downtown

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Confession: Once upon a time, I was a math geek who got kicks from solving trigonometric equations and thinking in terms of limits at infinity. For my first job out of college, I even used the mathematical symbols ≈ and ∴ as shorthand for “approximately” and “therefore,” which landed me a raise because my bosses (engineers) realized their new secretary wasn’t entirely a dimwit. The folks at Pi Pizzeria are far headier about formulas and symbols than I ever was; they’ve given nerdy number names to the beverages on the cocktail list at the newest Pi location downtown at 610 Washington Ave. So, do these drinks live up to their catchy labels? Yes, but let’s do the proof – you know, just for fun.

Keyan Still, Pi bartender and trainer, is the mastermind behind the cocktail menu. His list of 10 summer cocktails is broad enough to offer something interesting for just about any palate. The beverages that piqued our interest were the patio drinks, beer cocktails and a couple of the boozy heavy-hitters.

Irrational Number is unquestionably the drink to order when you want to kick back with something light and delicious. Grapefruit juice provides lovely citrus and floral notes on this tall gin drink while a topping of ginger beer (Fitz’s will soon begin bottling ginger beer for Pi.) keeps each sip refreshing and sprightly. For a change-of-pace margarita, get Thymes Infinity, which is nicely herbaceous thanks to the house-made lemon zest-thyme syrup.

Craft beer-lovers may have already tried Collaboration PiPA by local brewery 4 Hands, but it’s a whole new concoction when you put it in a Right Angle cocktail with rum, house-made rosemary-soaked port and grapefruit juice. As Still noted, the smooth finish and lack of any lingering bitterness posits the Right Angle as a “beer cocktail to get non-beer drinkers drinking beer.” (During happy hour, this $10 drink is priced at $5.) Another beer cocktail, the Uncommon Denominator, uses Pi Common – a brew made exclusively for Pi by Schlafly. Loca-drinkers should give this riff on a whiskey sour the nod for being an almost all-local cocktail, with J.J.Neukomm malt whiskey and Stone Hill Winery Cream Sherry making it into the mix.

In the mood for a boozier beverage? The Euclidean Formula takes the best of old and new Sazerac recipes (cognac from the good old days, rye whiskey in the here-and-now) and splits the difference, using equal parts of both. And while The Repeating Decimal (pictured) is a head scratcher for the odd combination of ingredients (Campari, Drambuie liqueur, rosemary syrup, lemon juice and tonic water), the strong drink earned Still a perfect score for taste in a local cocktail competition held earlier this year.

And now for the “If A then B” part of the proof: If you like well-balanced, creative drinks made with local products and house-made mixers, then you will love (to the nth degree) the cocktails at the new Pi downtown.

Sneak Peek: Pi Pizzeria downtown

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

When Sauce arrived to check out the newest location of Pi Pizzeria in the MX district downtown at 610 Washington Ave., the restaurant was abuzz with activity. At one end, bartenders were in the midst of training. At the opposite end, servers were taking menu tests. Meanwhile, the fire marshal and his entourage were inspecting the back of the house. In the midst of such chaos, Pi owners Chris Sommers and Frank Ubile gave Sauce a preview of what the public will see when doors open next Wednesday at 11 a.m.

Pi regulars will notice a few new items on the food menu. Among them are: soups (now that the kitchen has a stovetop); a salad showcasing warm Ozark Forest mushrooms; and a thin-crust pizza called Ballpark (mozzarella, salsiccia, roasted red peppers, onion, fresh basil with tomato-mustard sauce). The lunchtime crowd will see calzones as well as the express menu, which Pi recently launched at its other locations so busy diners can receive their food order within 20 minutes.

On the drink side, look for 24 tap handles, primarily featuring local beer. Pi has quite a few exclusive beverages: Pi Common, a beer brewed exclusively for Pi by Schlafly; Collaboration PiPA by area brewery 4 Hands; and Pi Ginger Beer, made by Fitz’s. The latter two also make their way into a couple drinks on the 10-strong cocktail menu.

Check out our Facebook page for a sneak peek of the soon-to-open Pi downtown.

Teetotaler: Schlafly’s birch brew

Monday, October 4th, 2010

100410_birchbeerWelcome to Teetotaler, a new online column geared at showing you the amazing non-alcoholic drink options around the city. You’ve seen our recommendations for where to get the best brews, booze and bubbly around town. Now it’s time to show you that you don’t have to get tipsy to taste the best this city has to offer. Here’s to the teetotalers in all of us.

In addition to locally brewing dozens of delicious beers, Schlafly also brews a line of non-alcoholic soft drinks named after co-founder Dan Kopman’s great, great grandfather Lewis Osterweis, a cigar manufacturer from 1860’s Connecticut. “I figure that I’m not going into the cigar business,” said Kopman, “so the name lives on with the traditional sodas.”

The three sodas – root, ginger and birch – are all notable and all carry the Lewis Osterweis & Sons label, but the rarity of the birch beer makes it the obvious highlight. Crimson in color, this birch beer is the hue of a watered down, bubbly red wine. While most sugary, carbonated beverages can be overly sweet and dry, this treat is full-bodied and balanced, equally sweet and creamy-flavored, made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. Although not quite as filling, birch beer is a close cousin to both root beer and cream soda, though the red color and clean finish set it apart.

So as to not taint the immaculate beer lines, Schlafly brews and bottles the sodas (all are Kopman’s recipes) with the help of Fitz’s American Grill and Bottling Works (as noted by the caps on each bottle), and distributes it to a few places in town, including the Four Seasons and The Royale. Both Schlafly brewpubs offer all three sodas on their menus for $2.75 per bottle and for purchase in their gift shops. At the Schlafly Tap Room, you can taste the sodas in the form of a Lewis Float: your choice of soda topped off with vanilla ice cream for $6.

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