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Mar 22, 2018
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The Scoop: Chef Josh Roland to take over for Nick Zotos at Mike Shannon’s

Thursday, June 5th, 2014


{Josh Roland will take the helm at Mike Shannon’s June 16.}


Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood will soon see a change in its top toque. Nick Zotos is leaving his post as executive chef, overseeing the restaurant downtown, its sister restaurants in Edwardsville and at Lambert St. Louis International Airport and culinary operations at Lumen private event space, to take a position as executive chef at Saint Louis University. Josh Roland, former exec chef at Salt, will take Zotos’ place. Since Salt’s closure in summer 2013, Roland has worked for a cruise ship company, writing menus and cooking onboard, according to Shannon’s co-owner Gary Van Matre.

“Nick gave notice last week. He got an offer he was really excited about. We’re super happy for him. It’s a good thing for him and his family,” Van Matre said. “We couldn’t be more appreciative of him and his help to grow our brand. He helped us open two restaurants.” Mike Shannon’s Grill opened in Edwardsville March 2013. A second location debuted yesterday, June 4, at Lambert in Concourse A.

Van Matre said Roland is a longtime friend with whom he has wanted to work for years and that “the timing was right” for both parties. Zotos will end his tenure at Shannon’s next week, and Roland will officially come aboard June 16.

“Josh is going to come in and really get the lay of the land,” Van Matre said. Shannon’s will continue its tradition as a steakhouse, but Van Marte said Roland will have the license to put his stamp on things. “We don’t want to cut that creative ability.”

In his new post at SLU, Zotos will be responsible for all the university’s culinary operations, including food service at its residence halls, its catering and banquet service and its restaurant The Docket located at SLU’s School of Law downtown. “Being part of a long tradition at one of the oldest universities in the country – that’s pretty unique,” Zotos said.

Roland did not immediately return a request for comment.

-photo by Brian Fagnani

The Scoop: Mike Shannon’s Grill to open in Lambert St. Louis airport

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014



Attention, passengers: a St. Louis classic is landing at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Mike Shannon’s co-owner Pat Shannon-VanMatre has announced plans to open a Mike Shannon’s Grill at the airport in early summer. This will be the third Mike Shannon’s restaurant location. “We are excited about representing what we feel is an iconic St. Louis restaurant in the airport,” she said. “[We’re] very proud that the airport invited us to represent St. Louis food culture.”

The grill will be located in the former space of Mosaic Restaurant in Terminal 1 and will seat roughly 48 in the dining area and another 40 at the bar. Shannon-VanMatre said the airport had approached the restaurant in previous years, but the family wanted to perfect its grill concept in Edwardsville, Ill., before introducing it to the airport.

Shannon-VanMatre said the menu at the airport will include Edwardsville grill items like burgers, sandwiches, wraps and salads, as well as a selection of Mike Shannon’s signature steaks. The airport location will also add something new to the restaurant’s repertoire: breakfast. Morning offerings could include breakfast burritos and sandwiches, baked oatmeal, French toast and more.

The Shannon family has worked closely with HMSHost, which manages Lambert’s dining program, to design a space that adheres to the Mike Shannon’s aesthetic and to fine tune the grill menu to better serve traveling customers. “It’s very different from what we do because obviously as a family-owned business, myself and sons, we are involved every day in both our locations,” Shannon-VanMatre said. “It’s a very different working environment, but what we feel confident about is that HMSHost is one of the premier management companies in the country.”

-rendering courtesy of HMSHost, Ideation and Mike Shannon’s

31 Days of Salad: Mike Shannon’s Cobb salad

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014


The Cobb salad on the lunch menu at Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood is a delicious take on a classic. Warm, grilled chicken and house-made lamb bacon stand out in a mix of avocado, eggs, tomatoes and blue cheese. The dressing is a Sriracha Thousand Island because Rooster sauce really does make everything better.



Trendwatch: A look at what’s on the plate, in the glass and atop our wish list right now

Friday, November 8th, 2013


{Pork belly corn dogs with smoked tomato remoulade at Vino Nadoz}


Keep a Cork in It: How can you pour wine from bottles without ever pulling the cork? Insert a hollow, medical-grade needle through the cork, extract the wine as inert gas displaces the liquid so oxygen never touches it, remove the needle and let the cork reseal itself. “It’s going to be a game changer for wine lists,” said Harvest chef-owner Nick Miller about the new Coravin wine system he purchased recently for his Richmond Heights restaurant. Harvest, along with Sasha’s on Shaw, has begun to offer by-the-glass specials on some very fine wines. They join Hoity-toity restaurants with hoity-toity wine lists – Del Posto, Eleven Madison Park, NoMad – as Coravin converts.

I Hop for Okonomiyaki: Pancakes are good, but tell us they’re flipping okonomiyaki, and we’ll hop on over to places like Cleveland-Heath, where this Japanese savory pancake holds the flavors of shrimp, bacon, cabbage, Kewpie mayo and barbecue sauce. At Blood & Sand, chef Chris Bork uses a beer batter to make a flapjack topped with salmon roe, mayo and yakatori glaze.

I Scream Savory: Who said ice cream has to be sweet? Or even dessert? Restaurants everywhere – from The Fat Duck in the U.K. to The Granary in San Antonio are breaking out of the (ice)box, scooping savory ice cream onto main plates. Locally, Niche recently served a quenelle of hickory ice cream alongside pulled pork and Brussels sprouts leaves, while Sidney Street Cafe churned out a sorghum-mustard flavored frozen sundry as part of a hearty fall dish of rabbit, house-made sausage, waffles and collard greens.

Hot Dog!: Corn dogs, carnival fare for carnivores, are making appearances at places you’d normally wear your little black dress. When batter is encasing things fancier than plain-Jane frankfurters, why not? At Lola, lobster tail is the flavor on the stick, while a chorizo corn dog was among brunch bites at Table. Vino Nadoz is going high on the hog with an unctuous pork belly corn dog. Mortadella is making its own case as the new corn dog. It was a snack at Blood & Sand; look for it at soon-to-open Cucina Pazzo in the CWE.

Gussied-up T-Ravs: Forget your loyalty to the classic T-rav and embrace new takes on this STL original. Buffalo chicken ravioli is among the funked up fare at Three Kings Public House and newly opened The Precinct. Veritas Gateway to Food and Wine is adding Middle Eastern spices to its T-rav filling, garnishing the house-made pasta with tomato relish and serving it up with tomato jam. It’s all glam at The Lobby Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton; its toasted ravioli is filled with short ribs, truffles and mushrooms and served with a brown butter emulsion. At Quincy Street Bistro, hand-made ravioli is stuffed with an atypical combo of roasted beef and pork. A T-rav for dessert? That’s a winner at Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood, where pasta got crazy sweet when stuffed with raspberries, coated with lemon shortbread crumbles and drizzled with raspberry basil sauce.

Face Face: Fish face, a staple of the seafood stockpot, is making its way onto main plates. Recently spied on the menu at Little Country Gentleman was salmon collar with udon noodles swimming in dashi. Halibut cheeks were here and gone at Element, where the chefs created a sophisticated take on fish sticks and tartar sauce: butter-poached halibut cheeks with tempura chips, capers, garlic and crème fraiche. Missed it? Look for halibut cheeks in an upcoming special at Eleven65.

Drink Up India: Area bartenders are raiding the Indian pantry, grabbing heady scents from the spice rack along with delicate liquids like floral and coconut waters. Among buzzworthy India-in-a-glass concoctions is Almond Milk Punch with a cardamom kick at Tree House. Try Tripel’s cardamom-scented Spiced Dark & Stormy or clove-touched Smoke Wagon, but be sure to order the H.D.Y. with orange flower water before that cocktail leaves the menu this month. Coconut water is what made the gin-based Green Isaac’s Special at Olio so special. And at Taste, you’ll find Kid Vicious – with its serrano- and pink peppercorn-infused tequila and rose water, as well as menu newbie Bols in a China Shop, featuring spiced ginger syrup and a cardamom tincture.

Bastardized Umami Bomb: Dashi is the umami darling of 2013. The Japanese fish stock is normally made from dried bonito, but rules are meant to be broken. We first noticed it when Sidney Street Cafe concocted a caffeinated Kyoto dashi using coffee by Sump. Right now, Blood & Sand is finding the fifth taste via corn dashi.

Editor’s Note: In the print issue, we mistakenly said Cleveland-Heath’s shiro dashi was similar to an Ethiopian stew. 

-photo by Elizabeth Jochum




In This Issue: Trendwatch – A look at what’s on the plate, in the glass and atop our wish list right now

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

{The High Rise at Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood and Mike Shannon’s Grill}


Thank You for Smoking: Barbecue spots may be spreading like wildfire around these parts, but it’s the smoke in our glasses that really has us talking. After a cold-smoke infusion of the bartenders’ wood chips of choice, the liquor becomes a sort of paintbrush, casting its smoky stroke on everything it touches. Dive right in with the smoked-vermouth-laden High on the Hog at Hendricks BBQ or the cold-smoked aperol at Cielo. For a milder entry to this smoker-to-sipper trend, try the High Rise at Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood and Mike Shannon’s Grill, where a flicker of smoke deepens as the cold-smoked ice melts.

Less Is More: When Niche opened the doors to its new Clayton home with a tasting menu-only format, the shift was met with both excitement and frustration. But the renowned fine-dining restaurant isn’t the only one testing the local waters with limited options. Diners at nearby Little Country Gentleman must opt for either the 3-course menu or the grand tasting menu (The latter, numbering around 16 courses, has dropped in price to $78 a head.), while Anthony Devoti is offering a 5-course taster at Five Bistro on The Hill. Will we see more fine-dining spots move in this direction? Considering the creative license such a pared-down approach lends the chef, we sure hope so.

Head, Shoulders, Ears and Toes: You’ve had pig’s face and feet, butt and belly. The latest body part to benefit from the nose-to-tail trend: pig’s ears. We had ‘em deep-fried as a rich counter to hearty kale in a sprightly salad this spring at pop-up restaurant A Good Man Is Hard to Find, and we’ve sliced into the naturally chewy meat rendered silken in a terrine at Farmhaus.

Ingredient Alert: Umami in a Bottle: Considering folks are aging just about everything these days and the fact that so many chefs covet fish sauce as their secret weapon, we should’ve seen this one coming. Sneak into the kitchens everywhere from Blood and Sand to the here-now-gone A Good Man is Hard to Find to newly opened The Libertine, and you’ll find a bottle of BLiS Barrel-Aged Fish Sauce. For this wax-sealed condiment, Red Boat Fish Sauce gets aged for seven months in bourbon barrels that have already worked their magic on BLiS maple syrup. The result: a rich sauce with slight sweetness and subtle smokiness that lets chefs infuse umami into just about anything.

White Out: When YellowTree Farm’s Justin Leszcz grows it, the chefs will come. The latest crop making its way onto menus? Japanese white sweet potatoes. Find them stuffed – along with house-made chorizo – into a taco at Mission Taco Joint or head to Mission’s sister restaurant Milagro Modern Mexican where chorizo and sweet potato are the filling for empanadas or turned into a tasty hash. At Farmhaus, the veggie is cozying up to house-smoked ham and scallops at Farmhaus, and embracing its Asian roots with curried rice at The Agrarian.

Riding the Third Wave: When Scott Carey first opened the doors to his third-wave coffee bar Sump Coffee, he wasn’t sure anyone would be willing to wait for his hand-brewed methods and precisely pulled espresso shots. Two years later, the South City spot is the watering hole of choice for the city’s coffee-loving cognoscenti. And with local coffee chain Kaldi’s launching a renewed focus on hand-brew techniques at all of its cafes, it’s easier than ever to get a taste of coffee’s third wave no matter where you live. Stop by Picasso’s Coffee House in St. Charles, Comet Coffee in Dogtown, VB Chocolate Bar in Cottleville and soon-to-open Rise Coffee House in The Grove for a hand-brewed cup.

Meals on Wheels: Why go to dinner at one restaurant when you can eat an appetizer at one, enjoy an entree at another, nibble dessert at the one next door and have a night cap just down the street? That’s the idea behind STL Culinary Tours, Dishcrawl and Savor Saint Louis, three new businesses offering food tours of our city’s most food-filled streets and neighborhoods, complete with behind-the-scenes tables, chats with the chef and strolls from one hot spot to the next.

–Photo by Jonathan Gayman

This week, Ligaya Figueras is obsessed with …

Thursday, June 13th, 2013


 {Riesling has a reputation for being super sweet. Not so with dry riesling, as Sauce wine writer Glenn Bardgett reminded me not too long ago. So when I head to wine shops lately, I’m on the lookout. I found Selbach Dry Riesling for $10 at Parker’s Table, and it’s kept me a different kind of dry during the wet days of late.}


{While researching barrel-aging food projects, I searched all over town hoping to find a chef making a house version of bourbon barrel-aged fish sauce. I came up empty, but that’s probably because it’s hard to best BLiS. Get it online; it’s not in St. Louis stores – yet.}



{The last few times I’ve visited Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood, I’ve caved in to guilty pleasure with an order of potato chips. The restaurant changes the flavor daily on these hand-cut, perfectly crisp chips. Sometimes you’ll get mesquite barbecue, other times it might be sour cream and onion with a dusting of Parmesan. Who doesn’t love surprises, especially when they taste this delicious?} 


The Scoop: Taj Indian Cuisine opens on Main Street in Edwardsville

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

This past fall, amid much news of restaurant action in Edwardsville., Ill., – such as Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood planning to add a location, plus a trio of debuts that included Michael del Pietro’s Sugo’s Spaghetteria, Craft Chophouse and Tropical Escape Tiki Bar & Grill, one restaurant slipped under The Scoop’s radar: Taj Indian Cuisine.

Taj Indian Cuisine, which specializes in northern Indian food, opened at 138 N. Main St., in the space most recently occupied by Lo-Cal Cafe. The restaurant is open daily, serving lunch – including a lunch buffet – from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., dinner from 4:30 to 9:30 p.m. and until 10 p.m. on weekends. Additional information, including a menu, is posted on its Facebook page.

Where to drink tonight: Four cocktail recommendations

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Now that your gift conundrum is solved, go get a drink. Depending on your stomping grounds, here are four cocktails from four different parts of town that have kept us merry this season:

Winter is Coming at Salt: Winter technically arrived last week, but there’s no need to stop that from celebrating its arrival tonight. The hot buttered rum riff at this Central West End restaurant will warm you up and offer comfort for the dollars that have left your pocketbook because you are such a generous gift giver.

No. 0 at Little Country Gentleman: Rum infused with Chinese five spice. Good idea. Add Velvet Falernum, apply syrup, bitters and lime. Better idea. These cold weather flavors, with a slight tartness, will keep you alert even though you are totally safe in Clayton.

The Yukon Breakfast at BC’s Kitchen: This fabulous, fortifying flip consisting of whiskey, spiced maple syrup and egg in a bacon powder-rimmed glass is the post-shopping drink for the folks who camp out overnight in front of retail stores. You’re the ones with the stamina to drive all the way to Lake Saint Louis for a drink.

High Rise at Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood : You’re living high with Woodford Reserve bourbon, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, vanilla bean simple syrup and a 2-inch cube of applewood smoked ice. Nothing less than the best at this downtown restaurant. 

The Scoop: Mike Shannon’s Grill to open in Edwardsville

Monday, October 8th, 2012

The owners of Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood are opening a restaurant in Edwardsville, Ill. Per a description posted on a LinkedIn advertisement for a head chef, Mike Shannon’s Grill Edwardsville will be an “upscale casual concept.”

Co-owner Pat Shannon-VanMatre (pictured) declined to give the exact address for the new restaurant since it will be in a new building where construction is just now getting underway. However, a press release dated June 25, 2012 from BarberMurphy Group, a real estate company serving Southern Illinois, noted that “921 Building Corp leased 6,491 SF of retail space at 871 S. Arbor Vitae, Ste 100, Edwardsville to Shannon’s Grill Edwardsville, LLC.” That transaction was also published in the July 2012 issue of the Illinois Business Journal. The address, 871 S. Arbor Vitae, would make Shannon’s Grill a neighbor to Peel Wood Fired Pizza.

The LinkedIn post gives a few more details about what diners at Shannon’s Grill can expect. Among them, the restaurant will be a “moderately priced, stylish grill and lounge serving traditional and progressive American fare” seven days a week for lunch and dinner. The décor will feature a contemporary sports theme with one-of-a-kind memorabilia. As for ambiance, look for “warm, inviting, relaxed table service” and a “lively” bar atmosphere.

More as we learn it.

— Photo by Carmen Troesser

List of restaurants featured at this year’s Saucy Soirée revealed

Friday, June 24th, 2011

062411_soireeNo one likes when the weekend comes to an end, but this weekend, we can’t wait until Sunday arrives. That’s because we’ll be over at the Four Seasons for our biggest party of the year: the Saucy Soirée.

Each year, thousands of hungry St. Louisans come out for the event, which honors the winners of our annual Readers’ Choice Poll. Guests get to enjoy food, wine and beer from their favorite hot spots, listen to live music from local bands and toast the night away under the stars on the rooftop terrace of the Four Seasons. And the cherry on top? All Soirée guests get a sneak preview of this year’s Readers’ Choice winners before the July issue comes out next month.

Tickets are still available, but time is running out to be able to enjoy all this great food for just $25 – what a steal – so be sure to order yours today. And now, we’re excited to reveal the list of 37 restaurants, wineries and breweries who will be dishing up what they do best at this year’s Soirée. See you there!

• Acero

• Annie Gunn’s

• Baileys’ Chocolate Bar

• Baileys’ Range

• Brasserie by Niche

• Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar

• Chandler Hill Vineyards

• Chaumette Vineyards

• Chauvin Coffee

• Cielo

• Companion

• Crown Candy Kitchen

• Crown Valley Winery

• Eleven Eleven Mississippi

• Farmhaus

• Ferguson Brewing Co.

• Fritanga

• Harvest

• Hollyberry Catering

• Jilly’s Cupcake Bar and Café

• Kakao Chocolate

• Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood

• Modesto

• Molly’s In Soulard

• Niche

• Pappy’s Smokehouse

• Peel Wood Fired Pizza

• Prime 1000

• Rooster

• Salt

• Salume Beddu

• Schlafly

• Sidney Street Café

• Stone Hill Winery

• Truffles

• Vin De Set

• Wasabi Sushi Bar

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