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Jan 19, 2018
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Decoding the Paleo Diet

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Right now your favorite Hollywood starlet and your favorite dry cleaner are singing the praises of the Paleo diet, a plan based on what cavemen hunted and gathered. And apparently those fur-gathering folk didn’t grocery shop at Target like the rest of us.

Those who follow a Paleo regimen eat lots of meat, fruits and veggies. The list of what they don’t eat is daunting: gluten, dairy, casein (a milk protein), grains and soy. And that’s where it gets confusing. Didn’t our ancient ancestors eat whole grains? Or drink mammoth milk? We chatted with the co-owners of The Organic Cave Paleo Bakery to better understand the philosophy behind this of-the-moment diet.

Nichole DiGiuseppi and her wife, Angel, discovered the Paleo diet when a friend who was a nurse suggested it could help Nichole’s migraines. After 30 days, Nichole was headache-free. Angel’s asthma had improved. Both women felt fewer stomachaches and less bloated. “Our bodies can’t process gluten, grains, soy and dairy,” Nichole said. “When we eat them, our bodies react. Our intestines become inflamed. People don’t know how bad they feel until they cut those things out.”

As for the grains and dairy question, Nichole explained that, due to modern-day agriculture, those foods are not what they once were. Grains and soybeans are genetically modified. Milk is pasteurized and homogenized. So really, Paleo is about avoiding foods that have been processed beyond our body’s recognition. Which is why the gluten-free bread found at the grocery store isn’t Paleo – it’s made with xanthan gum and rice flour. Which is also why the DiGiuseppis started The Organic Cave in the first place. “I can give up bread,” Nichole said, “but Angel missed sandwiches.” Since Nichole enjoys baking, she decided to make Paleo-friendly rolls and sweets. “Through trial and error, I just started substituting foods I knew we could use that wouldn’t affect our bodies in a negative way,” she said.

The results were so tasty, friends and family encouraged the women to sell their goods at a local farmers market. Less than a year later, demand is so high that they’ve moved into a commercial baking space. “We started baking for ourselves, and then we found out that other people needed it, too,” Angel explained. “We couldn’t say no.”


{Chocolate Cake in a Jar}

Super-cute and yummy too. Technically it’s big enough to share, but one bite of this rich, pure cocoa and coconut flour cake, and you’ll keep it all to yourself. $8.


{Drew Drops}

Quite possibly the best chewy drop cookie you’ll ever have. Liberated from soy and made with dairy-free chocolate chips, these taste better than the real thing. $9 for 6.


{Iced Scones} 

There is nothing dry about these salty-sweet goodies. Coconut oil and almond flours make these scones moist and delicious. $4 for 3.


Want to try the Paleo diet for yourself?

Stop by The Organic Cave Bakery at 3323-1 Domain St., St. Charles, 636.541.7321, theorganiccave.com. Or pick up the bakery’s items at Local Harvest Grocery’s Kirkwood and Tower Grove locations, and through the Feed Your Vitality meal delivery service, feedyourvitality.com.

— photos by Laura Miller

The Scoop: A cave of wonders opens in New Town

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Last week, Nichole and Angel DiGiuseppi opened The Organic Cave Paleo Bakery in New Town, St. Charles, at 3323-1 Domain St. For people who have food allergies, this new opening might call for some rejoicing. All of the bakery’s offerings are gluten-free, dairy-free, casein free, grain free and soy free.

The DiGiuseppi’s endeavor began in April of last year when the two were working on creating products that were both gluten-free and good tasting. After they succeeded in melding these two criteria, which aren’t always the easiest to reconcile, they started selling their goods at the Lake Saint Louis Farmers & Artists Market.

Over the course of the next year and a half, they met more and more people who were excited about their edibles, and as their customer base swelled, they found that they had a need for a brick-and-mortar location from which they could produce larger quantities of food.

The products currently available range from muffins to cookies to garlic cheddar biscuits. Also popular are the house-made energy bars, which were designed with the paleo diet in mind. The paleo diet is about getting back to eating the way our Paleolithic ancestors ate by placing an emphasis on lean meats and veggies while avoiding carbs and processed foods.

The bakery’s hours vary, so calling ahead at 636.541.7321 is suggested. Goods can also be purchased online at theorganiccave.com or by phone. Orders will be delivered for an additional charge.

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