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The original CYRANO'S was founded 40 years ago, and was located in a romantic, intimate rathskeller at Clayton and DeMun Avenues.   There, St. Louisans were introduced to several new things: smaller serving portions, outrageous gourmet desserts, and wonderful coffee drinks with strange, unheard-of-names like cappuccino, espresso, and latte.   It was St. Louis' first and only European-style coffeehouse, and became tremendously popular.   Any child or adult of that era remembers his favorite Cyrano dessert or the special "date" who was taken there. 

In 2003, several miles from the original location, a group of nostalgic St. Louis restaurateurs has reinvented and revitalized CYRANO'S, thereby introducing a whole new generation to the fun and the romance of a past era.   The new location is in an old building called the DeSoto, named after the 1950's automobile that was sold there.   Former Cyrano tables, mirrors, artwork, and antiques that have been restored and intermingled with the bright colors of today, creating an atmosphere that is alive and progressive, but still cozy and romantic.

CYRANO'S has assembled a pedigreed kitchen staff who advocates the bistro-style of dining - serving lighter "little plate" items instead of traditional fare and there's a dual purpose - we hope you will be tempted to experience what Cyrano's became famous for... those incredibly inventive and creative desserts.   Some, like the Cleopatra, are served exactly the way they were 40 years ago.   Others, like the Caramel Brioche Bread Pudding, will become the classics that the next generation will reminisce about.

We hope you enjoy Cyrano's ... try us again for the first time.

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