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Feb 19, 2018
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Features: CSA ASAP: Your guide to the right farm share
To some, the letters CSA are dreaded harbingers of mysterious vegetation in too-much or not-enough quantities. But with a little education, they can mean fresh quality produce and that healthy supporting-your-farmers glow. Buying into a community-supported agriculture program provides consumers with food straight from local fields and gives growers a reliable source of income that reduces the risk...
Features: Waste Not: The case for eating ugly carrots, beef neck and beetle-bitten crops
Getting a ticket to one of Michael and Tara Gallina’s Rooster and the Hen pop-up dinners is not easy. It’s not often that St. Louis welcomes home the former chef de cuisine and service captain, respectively, of one OF the world’s top 50 restaurants. Crowds have turned out to see what they will bring to the St. Louis food scene from their former home at Dan Barber’s Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New ...
Features: Meals that Changed my Life: Anthony Devoti
Many of us have vivid food memories, whether it’s a defining meal from childhood or a palate revelation from last week. Food contributes to who we are. For Five Bistro chef-owner anthony devoti, who recently launched J. Devoti Grocery, family meals and farm-raised ingredients left an indelible mark on his cooking. Here, the three meals that changed his life and shaped his career. 1. Childhoo...
Features: Ones to Watch 2015: Britt Simpson
Age: 28 Why Watch Her: She's whipping up a whole new world of pie and pudding en flambé. To understand Britt Simpson, you need to know a few numbers from the Disney songbook. You have to stand up and belt out “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast or “I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jungle Book or “Let It Go” from Frozen. Dance around. Use your arms. Work it, Cinderella. That’s what Simpson ...
Features: Blessed are the Cheesemakers: Paying homage to house-made fromage
Food trends are like popular kids in high school. Some are beautiful, but unsubstantial (ahem, foam). Follow them blindly, and you’re left feeling unsatisfied, with a dusty bag of goji berries in the pantry where your Fruit Roll-ups should be. Other trends are bandwagon-worthy specimens of culinary evolution. Here I’m thinking about cheese (as I often do). Nearby artisanal dairies like Baetje F...
Hit List: Hit List: July 2014
Death in the Afternoon 808 Chestnut St., St. Louis, 314.621.3236, deathintheafternoonstl.com The much-anticipated lunch spot in Citygarden from Blood & Sand’s Adam Frager and T.J. Vytlacil is open. But adjust your expectations, aficionados: Unlike its members-only sister restaurant-lounge, Death in the Afternoon is open to the public, doesn’t serve dinner and doesn’t have a cocktail menu. What...
Features: Cooking with Heart(s)
My friends seemed wholeheartedly enthused about a heart-themed dinner party – until I clarified what I meant. The conversation went something like this: Me: “I’m working on a story about cooking with heart.” Them: “Like cooking with passion? How sweet.” Me: “No, heart. Like literal hearts. Beef, chicken, lamb, artichokes … ” Them: “Oh.” And then a strained smile would creep across their fac...
Features: Kimchi - Spicy, Sour, Sharp, Spectacular: The newest surge in the DIY pickling trend is bringing Korea’s broad spectrum of flavors to Americans’ awakened palates
In the worlds of food and fashion, style is cyclical. It seems as though any trend, however strange and antiquated, eventually makes its way back into the spotlight. And kimchi, one of the most surprising restaurant trends du jour, has been waiting in the wings for centuries. Considering what kimchi is in its simplest form – vegetables that have been pickled and then left to ferment – its pop...
Features: Rising Stars: Meet two very different men who are determined to change the way we think about bread
Ted Wilson and Alex Carlson have never met. And while they’re the same age and share a hometown, an affinity for flour and an innate ability to strum a guitar string, they are two very different men. Wilson’s words are measured, questioned and finally decided upon, disappearing just as slowly as they were pronounced: shyly, softly and without eye contact. Carlson’s thoughts have far fewer pauses b...
Features: The Incredible Edible Duck Egg: Bigger and richer than their better-known cousins, duck eggs are all they’re cracked up to be
I’m looking at a duck egg in the barn, and all I can think is owww. A duck egg is 40-percent larger than a chicken egg. Laying one must feel like giving birth to a VW. I try to high-five my duck sisters. The ducks do not reciprocate. Ducks are divas. They only lay when it’s warm. Every other day. If they feel like it. Which means a limited laying season and an even more limited egg supply. Des...
Features: Late-Night Fix
A man once said that nothing good happens after midnight. Well, he never had Five Bistro’s poutine. Let’s be honest: There is no litmus test for late-night food. Its delectability is entirely subjective – and usually commensurate with the amount of booze consumed. But while the sensible among us are catching some shut-eye, local chefs are keeping the lights (and ovens) on to turn out dishes that a...
New Classics: Five Bistro's Fried Deviled Eggs
A devilishly delicious twist on everyone’s go-to potluck dish, Five Bistro’s deep-fried deviled egg re-imagines this age-old classic. The filling carries a creamy kick thanks to creme fraiche that’s been hit with whole grain mustard, freshly grated horseradish, Sriracha and a pinch of smoked paprika. Call it fine dining when it’s served perched atop a bed of microgreens with a spoon of tangy musta...
Features: A Roasting Odyssey: Perfecting the home cook's holy grail
"A chicken in his pot every Sunday,” was the wish of King Henry IV for his peasants in 17th century France. More than 300 years later, the Republican National Committee attached the same phrase to the presidential campaign of then-candidate Herbert Hoover, conveying that a vote for Hoover was a vote for prosperity. Back then, chicken was a sign of wealth, of booming times during which a family’s g...
Features: Butter's Revival: How the kitchen’s most versatile workhorse is making a comeback
For decades, producers marketed margarine as a healthy alternative to butter, tugging on our low-fat-loving heart strings with all the “animal fat is bad, vegetable oil is good” chutzpa they could muster. It worked. Margarine consumption tripled that of butter from the mid-1960s to the early 1990s, and many of us Gen-Xers endured soulless imitation butter throughout our formative years. Thankfully...
Features: In Praise of Braises: A primer on simmering vegetarian dishes
Key the word “braising” into Google, and recipes for pork shoulder and short ribs will run off the page. That’s culinary typecasting, though, like saying that baking is just for pastries or poaching belongs to eggs – braising can enhance vegetarian dishes just as much as meat-based ones. Braising is the transitional domain of late winter and early spring, when the days are short but the hours l...
Features: Recalling Forgotten Flavors: A lesser cut can still be a cut above
"Waste not, want not” still resonates with modern chefs – who are adding the long-forgotten flavor of lesser-known cuts to haute cuisine. Wes Johnson, chef de cuisine at Eclipse, takes this adage to heart by innovating with more obscure cuts on the hotel’s new late-night menu. From 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., diners can feast on dishes featuring beef cheek and bone marrow, among other offbeat treats. Mo...
New and Notable: Review: Five Bistro on The Hill
Joe Devoti is on a customer’s cell phone, calmly giving driving directions to the rest of the party that’s yet to show. His wife Bonnie stops by the women’s bathroom to tidy up things: “I hate a messy bathroom.” Nothing like having your parents around to keep order among chaos. Their son Anthony is in the kitchen – his spiffy new, renovated kitchen – doing what he does best: whipping out seasonal ...
Features: Ones to Watch: Food and drink pros with promise
A recipe for success? Eh, these people don’t need one. Introducing three fresh chefs, two sprung farmers, a cool brewer, a goddess of wine and a mixologist with intoxicating skill. All of them have time and talent on their side. We can’t wait. ADAM ALTNETHER Why to watch him: He’s a mini Gerard Craft. Adam Altnether is young enough to think he’s old. Kitchen mates at Benton Park’s Niche Re...
Features: Local Alliances: Farmers and chefs on why relationships matter
The flavor of our food starts at the farm. Nobody realizes this more than chefs. Relationships between local producers and culinary pros spring up by way of chance meetings, word of mouth and good old-fashioned door knocking. Eliminating the middleman has proverbial benefits from a business perspective, though in the kitchens of the ambitious, shopping locally isn’t just about shopping. And it...
Features: Beer Dinners A-Brewin': Chefs and brewers tap into beer's sophisticated side
It's no wonder that in a town that boasts the country's largest brewer and numerous microbreweries, so many restaurants and pubs are hosting beer dinners, educational yet entertaining evenings of fine drinking and dining. Apart from affording beer mavens the chance to taste the subtleties of different lagers, porters, ales and stouts, beer dinners are an opportunity for brewmasters and chefs ...
Features: Chef's Selection: The best kitchens in town hunt for help
Someday, you might be dining at a nice restaurant in St. Louis and notice Jonathan Murphy’s name on the menu. At 22, he’s vigorously working his way up in the kitchen at Racquet Club Ladue. As garde manger, or preparer of cold foods, he scribbles down the commands of executive chef Christopher Desens in a notebook, internalizes the vocabulary of the daily routine (mise en place – everything in pla...
BLOG: Ones to Watch 2016: J.T. Gelineau
  Title: Owner, Mushrooms Naturally Age: 31 Why Watch Him: His mycological enterprise is mushrooming. Mysterious, fascinating, beautiful and delicious. That’s how J.T. Gelineau described the all-consuming object of his obsession: the mushroom. A former chef who grew up digging in dirt and gardening, Gelineau’s fascination with mushrooms comes, well, naturally. Now his business Mushroom...
BLOG: The Scoop: J. Devoti Grocery to open inside Five Bistro
  {anthony devoti's grandfather (third from left) with employees from the original J. Devoti Grocery}   Five Bistro chef-owner anthony devoti is set to resurrect a family tradition this May. Devoti’s great-grandfather, Joe Devoti, opened J. Devoti Grocery off Olive Boulevard after immigrating to St. Louis from Italy, and his son (anthony devoti’s grandfather) operated it for decades. More...
BLOG: Extra Sauce: Ligaya Figueras Predicts 2015 Trends
The time has come once again when we food fanatics weigh in on the edible landscape of the year ahead. But first, let’s take a quick look back to my 2014 predictions. Illinois has, indeed, been a hotspot, especially for craft breweries. This year saw breweries launch in Belleville (4204 Main Street Brewing Co.), Edwardsville (Recess Brewing) and O’Fallon (Peel). Last year, I also speculated we’...
BLOG: Sneak Peek: Il Poggio
Five Bistro chef-owner anthony devoti has bid farewell to the (mostly) vegetarian abundance of Root & Vine. Beginning tonight, Aug. 27, he’ll serve up hearty northern Italian fare at Il Poggio, his newest pop-up concept on the bar side of his restaurant at 5100 Daggett Ave., on The Hill. Il Poggio, which means “the hill” in Italian, is the third of Devoti’s rotating concept restaurants since Fe...
BLOG: Hit List: 6 new places to try this month
Jilly’s Ice Cream Bar: 8509 Delmar Blvd., University City, 314.993.5455, jillysicecreambar.com Located just steps from its sister establishment Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Café, this chef-driven ice cream bar offers 19 ice cream flavors divided into classics, cupcake inspirations and monthly chef creations. Our pick is the Ka-Boomm (pictured), chock-full of brownie bits, Oreo chunks and M&Ms. Enj...
BLOG: The Scoop: Parker’s Table to add bakery
  This summer, wine shop Parker’s Table will add a new element to its Richmond Heights location. As reported by St. Louis Magazine, shop owner Jon Parker announced plans to expand his business with a wholesale and retail bakery with pastry chef Summer Wright running the kitchen. Wright, who has previously worked in the kitchens of Gerard Craft, anthony devoti and Daniel Boulud, joined th...
BLOG: The Scoop: Five Bistro’s Anthony Devoti to launch rotating concept restaurant
  A bit of construction is underway at Five Bistro that will lead to big changes in the bar area of The Hill restaurant. Chef-owner anthony devoti recently shared his plans to add a small, rotating concept restaurant within Five Bistro. He hopes to launch the first concept in mid-February, just after Valentine's Day. The main dining room will continue to serve Five Bistro's regular menu ...
BLOG: In This Issue: A Chat with Bonnie and Joe Devoti
  Bonnie and Joe Devoti win Best Parents Award. After raising two sons and working nearly 30 years – she at Southwestern Bell, he at Blue Cross – they came out of retirement to help their son, chef anthony devoti, turn his farm-to-table concept into a reality. Seven years later, Devoti’s mom and dad are still at Five Bistro, still smiling. How did you get involved with Five? B: We visit...
BLOG: In This Issue: Trendwatch - A look at what’s on the plate, in the glass and atop our wish list right now
{The High Rise at Mike Shannon's Steaks and Seafood and Mike Shannon's Grill}   Thank You for Smoking: Barbecue spots may be spreading like wildfire around these parts, but it’s the smoke in our glasses that really has us talking. After a cold-smoke infusion of the bartenders’ wood chips of choice, the liquor becomes a sort of paintbrush, casting its smoky stroke on everything it touches. Di...
BLOG: Trendwatch: A look at what's on the plate, in the glass and atop our wish list right now
Thai Food Rising: Just as GQ’s Alan Richman named D.C.’s Northern Thai gem Little Serow the Most Outstanding Restaurant of 2013, our own little outlier from up North opened its doors. At Fork & Stix in The Loop, Southern Thai standbys like pad thai and coconut curry play second fiddle to Northern specialties like pork belly-boasting Hung Lay Curry, lemongrass-laden sausage Sai Oua and the fant...
BLOG: Drink This Weekend Edition: Five Bistro’s fab burger is no secret, but how ‘bout those cocktails?
You go to Five Bistro for a standout burger. You go to Five Bistro to sup from a menu crafted from 90-percent local ingredients. But cocktails? Five Bistro wasn’t on my typical suspects list for a well-crafted mixed drink – until now. Bartender Mary Mangan came aboard Five this past March. Mangan has tended bar at Carmine’s, Lucas Park Grille and Herbie’s. Her training at the latter – by season...
BLOG: The Scoop: O’Shays Pub to move into former Newstead Tower space
The building at 4353 Manchester Ave., served as an anchor in The Grove when it was home to anthony devoti’s Newstead Tower Public House, but the space has been vacant since Devoti closed the gastropub 13 months ago. Now, the northeast corner of South Newstead Avenue and Manchester Avenue will see renewed life with the arrival of O’Shays Pub. Owner Shamus “Shay” Landry, whose restaurant experien...
BLOG: The Scoop: Five Bistro to focus on tasting and late-night menus
After the evening service this Saturday, the crew at Five Bistro will be taking a two-week break before reopening on September 13 with more tasting options and a special late-night menu. For some time now, chef-owner anthony devoti has offered 3-course tasting menus for $25 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (Check out a sample menu here.). Soon, this increasingly taste-centric eatery will i...
BLOG: Ask the Chef: Anthony Devoti answers your questions
In the first installment of our new online column, Ask the Chef, we put down our pens to let you – our readers – take a turn asking some of the stars in St. Louis' culinary scene your burning questions. First up is anthony devoti, chef and owner of Five Bistro and the shuttered Newstead Tower Public House. And now, from how he got his start to whether he’d ever open another Newstead to his cheese ...
BLOG: Ask the Chef: We’ve asked chef Anthony Devoti every question in the book. Now, it’s your turn.
Welcome to Ask the Chef, a new online column in which we take a step back from our journalistic duties to let you, our readers, talk to some of the best and brightest in St. Louis’ culinary scene. First up: anthony devoti. As chef-owner of Five Bistro, the farm-to-table restaurant that sits on the corner of Daggett Avenue and Hereford Street on The Hill, anthony devoti is one of the area’s most...
BLOG: Five Bistro's burger receives national praise
Cheers to chef-owner anthony devoti and the talented crew over at Five Bistro, whose burger made the Eater Heat Map: the website’s list of 15 of the country’s hottest burgers. Another cheers to Riverfront Times' dining critic Ian Froeb, quoted in the Eater piece for describing Devoti’s burger as “cleaner, lighter, with a definite mineral edge.” As you may remember, this is Eater’s second mention o...
BLOG: Three local chefs and a sommelier named Beard Awards semifinalists
A Saucy congrats goes to local chefs Gerard Craft of Niche, Kevin Nashan of Sidney Street Cafe and Kevin Willmann of Farmhaus Restaurant and sommelier (and Sauce columnist) Glenn Bardgett of Annie Gunn’s, who have been named semifinalists for the 2011 James Beard Foundation Awards – the chefs in the Best Chef Midwest category and Bardgett in the Outstanding Wine Service category. Semifinalists wer...
BLOG: Three local chefs up for F&W's People's Best New Chef
In addition to Food and Wine’s annual Best New Chef award, the magazine has launched the first ever People’s Best New Chef award – a title granted by the people rather than the magazine's editors – and three local talents are on the list. A Saucy congrats to Josh Galliano, executive chef at Monarch; Kevin Willmann, executive chef at Farmhaus; and anthony devoti, executive chef at Five Bistro, who ...
BLOG: The Scoop: Devoti on closing Newstead, future of Five
As reported over the weekend by the Riverfront Times and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, anthony devoti, chef-owner of Five Bistro on The Hill and Newstead Tower Public House, announced the imminent closing of his gastropub in The Grove. Yesterday, Devoti told Sauce that plans to close Newstead were a year in the works. “The original plan was to close by the end of last year but we were able to ke...
BLOG: High on the hog
This Thursday at 7 p.m., anthony devoti of Five Bistro on The Hill will be hosting Divine Swine, a $55 wine dinner featuring five courses of pork. All told, the porcine offerings tally up to a dozen: fried ear, braised belly, roasted ham, pan-seared pork cake and pork meatballs plus six selections of house-made charcuterie. For dessert: peach tart paired with bacon ice cream. Five sources all its ...
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