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Feb 17, 2018
Intelligent Content For The Food Fascinated
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Features: Have Taste, Will Travel: For some St. Louisans, vacation plans start with the food
St. Louisans can be a pretty worldly bunch when it comes to their cuisine. But a few local jetsetters are really putting the "ciao" back in their "chow," traveling to the farthest reaches of the planet for food and drink. The spice of life In stocking his eclectic kitchen pantry, Allan Cohen believes in cutting out the middleman. And, heck, why not bridge all that physical distance while we...
Features: Native Variety: Old American foods liven up the Thanksgiving spread
Turkey: check. Potatoes: check. Cranberry sauce: check. Pumpkin pie: check. Fry bread: Ö eh, check? It may not have been on Sitting Bullís meal rotation, but fry bread, a flour-based quick bread thatís pan- or deep-fried, has been all the rage in Native American diets since government rations of flour and lard first hit the reservations in the mid-19th century. This relative latecomer j...
Features: Early Risers: Panera bakers man their ovens while the city sleeps
Most St. Louis Bread Co. devotees likely think little of how the pretty, brown loaves end up neatly stacked in their chrome bins and glass display cases each morning. For all we know, that crusty, chewy goodness is the delicious tidings of a benevolent Dough Fairy, whose sole mission is to bestow tasty carbs upon the peckish masses. Theyíre there when we need a shaft of baguette to sop up our mine...
Features: Big Chef Lil' Chef: Kids are happily venturing into the kitchen
The appropriate amount of freedom to allow in the kitchen is something St. Charles resident Stephany Crocker wrestles with every day as she and her two daughters approach dinnertime. Crocker, a 39-year-old single mother, enjoys the bonding that takes place in the kitchen with Kaitlyn, age 9, and 7-year-old Delaney, but errs on the side of caution when it comes to completely handing over the spatul...
Features: Spirited Debate: Municipalities find liquor licenses can be a boon or a bane
One of the city of Festusí former names, Tanglefoot, purportedly poked good-natured fun at the glass workers who staggered back into dry Crystal City after enjoying libations in the town that sprung up outside its city limits in the 1870s. Those boozy roots dogged Festus through the early 1990s, when about a dozen liquor establishments operated along a three-block stretch of Main Street and on...
Features: G. I. Track: Soldiers get their food fixes on assignment and back home
Goat is a local specialty in Farah, Afghanistan, if not necessarily a delicacy. Because the hearty beasts can digest just about any dry weed they get their teeth on, they thrive on the barren landscape on the southwestern edge of Afghanistan near the Iraqi border. De Soto, Mo., resident Ed Boyer, 47, a 26-year veteran of the Army National Guard, returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan in Oc...
7266 Manchester Rd.
St. Louis, MO
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Bishop's Post
16125 Chesterfield Pkwy. W.
Chesterfield, MO
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Llywelyn's Pub
4747 McPherson Ave.
St. Louis, MO
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Broadway Oyster Bar
736 South Broadway
St. Louis, MO
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33 Wine Shop & Tasting Bar
1913 Park Ave.
St. Louis, MO
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