Bunny Expo

June 03, midnight

Humane Society of Missouri Headquarters 1201 Macklind Avenue Saint Louis, MO 63110 3149951457

Welcome to House Rabbit Society where our goal is to make you as happy with a bunny companion as we are with the bunnies that share our homes and add joy to our lives!

We realize that you can go to a store or breeder, plunk down a few dollars and go home with a bunny.

Instant gratification is the advantage, but the purchase often ends in unhappiness and regret, primarily because the bunny is not altered, will not use a litter box and behaves badly.

We believe you deserve better.

1) You deserve a healthy bunny that has been spayed or neutered

2) You deserve the information you need to be a confident bunny parent

3) You deserve support after you take bunny home

Price: Free