Life Sucks

May 27, midnight

Wool Studio Theater 3144423283

An irreverent adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, Posner’s contemporary riff on the work is altogether wise, profoundly humane, hilarious, quirky, endearing and, in countless clever ways, brilliantly faithful to its source. Posner brings a playful, far from cynical, originality to the story of a group of yearning, frustrated, heartbroken, questioning, and in many ways privileged souls who are, in their varied and deeply flawed ways, trying to cope with all the essential conundrums of existence. It is essentially a play about love, loss and longing – with a healthy dose of Jewish philosophizing thrown in. Never has unhappiness been so much fun. Directed by Edward Coffield. Cast: Chris Harris*, greg Johnston, Julie Layton, Jan Meyer, Michael James Reed*, Katie Keating, Michelle Hand. (*member AEA)