Short List: Chocolate chip cookies

Crêpes: etc.
52 Maryland Plaza, St. Louis, 314.367.2200

You’ll find these cookies next to the register, each tucked into its own white bag, ready for easy on-the-go or in-house consumption. When I relayed my order to the man behind the counter, he confidently informed me that these cookies were the best in town … and he may have had a point; five minutes later, I was back for seconds. Not that you’ll be eating too many of these at one sitting. Although each differs a bit in size, ours measured 4¼ inches across and was over a half-inch thick. Chunks replace traditional chips, and the hint of honey is a pleasant surprise.

Russell’s Cafe & Bakery
958 Brookwood Center Plaza, Fenton, 636.343.8900

They’re officially dubbed Big Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies, but, truth be told, we’ve eaten bigger and fatter along the way … and would toss most of those aside for a mouthful of Russell’s. Even without the chips (although you won’t take a bite without encountering a deluge of semisweet delights), the dense, wouldn’t-dare-crumble cookies would be a treat, boasting ideal chewiness under a subtle outer crunch. Perhaps it’s a case of practice makes perfect: Owner Russell Ping said he’s been making the same simple recipe since he was 8 years old. His secret? Salted butter and a generous dose of brown sugar.

Winslow’s Home
7213 Delmar Blvd., University City, 314.725.7559

These airy treats are beautifully appetizing with their golden hue and streaks of chocolate peeking up from under the surface. Expect butter, butter everywhere, and a texture vaguely reminiscent of shortbread. Savor the crisp edges with a nibble or two, then prepare for the sea of chocolate discs melted together in a gloriously gooey middle. And speaking of chocolaty goodness, since the high-quality product Winslow’s uses isn’t as cloying as some we tried, it provides an ideal contrast to the sweet dough.

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