Short List Runner-Up

In this month’s Short List, we told you about three grilled cheeses that had that perfect bread to butter to cheese ratio. Now, we reveal which ‘wich fell just shy of taking home a medal.

Sandrina’s Restaurant and Lounge
5098 Arsenal St., St. Louis, 314.601.3456

The crew over at Sandrina’s has this whole grilled cheese thing figured out – and me quite mystified. Sure, the bread – two toothsome slices of Texas toast – was toasted to that ideal just-before-burnt texture any good grilled cheese should tout. And yes, the three-cheese blend helped the sandwich live up to its triple grilled cheese title. But wait – is that bacon? After pulling the sandwich apart, turning it, sniffing it, taking a few more bites, it was clear that the immense bacon-y smokiness had been stuffed into this sandwich not via crispy strips of pork or even the fat they rendered but a generous layer of smoked Gouda. Despite this perfect punch of smoky flavor, though, this version was a little too greasy for my liking. It would, however, make the perfect guilt-laden late-night treat. Good thing Sandrina’s is open till 3 a.m. (and serving up these tasty sandwiches till 2 a.m.).