hendricks bbq's homemade 'moon-shine' pies photo by greg rannells

Eat this: Hendricks BBQ's homemade 'Moon-Shine' pies

We’re still suckers for the confections of our childhood, so when we eyed the Homemade ‘Moon-Shine’ Pies on the menu at Hendricks BBQ, we couldn’t deny our craving for a thick layer of marshmallow icing sandwiched between old-fashioned graham cracker cookies. And since the folks at Hendricks show great restraint in only dipping half of this decadent dessert in chocolate, we feel no remorse about double-fisting both moon pies that come in an order.

Hendricks BBQ, 1200 S. Main St., St. Charles, 636.724.8600, hendricksbbq.com