The Scoop: Companion to move baking operations to new facility in Maryland Heights


{Companion owner Josh Allen}


Companion has recently annouced plans to move its headquarters, including the Companion outlet, from its current location in the Dutchtown neighborhood to a new 41,000-square-foot facility at 2331 Schuetz Road in Maryland Heights. Construction is slated to begin in March with the move scheduled for August. The new facility will house baking operations, a private event space, a baking school for home cooks and a 60-seat cafe serving breakfast and lunch.




Companion owner and founder Josh Allen said he has finally reached the end of the two year search for a new location. The 4.5 acres in Maryland Heights will provide opportunities to increase Companion’s overall capacity and growth, he said, as well as add more space and improved climate controls, safety and sanitation processes. It will also let him connect with his clientele in a new way.

“We want to teach folks about what we do,” Allen said. “The cafe will be right on the production floor, so our bakers can show off their work and people can see them in action. We’ll be able to better accommodate tours, too. We’ve been missing that personal interaction.”

-photos by Spencer Pernikoff