Nadoz Cafe & Catering sold to Deer Creek Cafe owner

Steven Becker Fine Dining has sold Nadoz Cafe & Catering, located at 12 The Boulevard in Richmond Heights, to Deer Creek Cafe owner Kent McCarty. As reported by St. Louis Magazine, McCarty took possession of the space on Tuesday, March 14.

“I liked the feel of the cafe,” McCarty said. “And it’s far enough away from the first Deer Creek to complement it.”

McCarty said he’ll rebrand the restaurant as another Deer Creek Cafe this summer, but for now, it will remain open as Cafe Nadoz and feature the same menu. He said in the coming weeks the hours will be expanded from 3 to 7 p.m. McCarty also owns a Mississippi chain of coffee shops called Java Moe’s.

Steven Becker said the cafe was the last restaurant or banquet facility owned by the company. Going forward, he will concentrate on hospitality consulting and management work; the company has been renamed Steven Becker Hospitality Consulting. Becker said 35 years in the industry have given him a unique perspective to help others up their game.

“The plan is to help people out and use some of the experiences that I’ve lived through from all of the different ventures and facilities and things that I’ve done,” he said.

Matt Sorrell is a staff writer for Sauce Magazine.