staff at hi-pointe drive-in photo by r.j. hartbeck

Behind the scenes with the Hi-Pointe Drive-In team

Since opening in January 2017
, Hi-Pointe Drive-In has become known for being over-the-top in every way, from the multicolor building that looks like it’s made from giant Legos, to the regular menu of massive burgers and sandwiches, to the kitchen’s penchant for putting out one-off crazy creations on special daily. It’s this focus on delicious fun and games that has garnered Hi-Pointe regular queues of hungry diners out the door and the title of Readers' Choice Best New Restaurant of 2017. Executive chef Adam Pritchett and his crew juggle the chaos like it’s just another day at the office. 

What’s the most food one person has ordered? 
“We had a ‘competitive eater’ come in once. We made him a 6-pound burger, a 40-ounce malt and 2 pounds of fries. He didn’t finish; we defeated him.” – Brian Bethel, manager

What’s the best-selling menu item? 
“The Taco Burger, our joint venture with Mission Taco Joint, for sure. It’s been on the menu since the beginning. We sell hundreds a day.” – Brian Bethel, manager

What’s the most outrageous special you’ve ordered? 
“I think it was called the St. Lunatic Burger. It had Imo’s pizza for buns, and Red Hot Riplets and toasted raviolis in the middle. It was insane.” – John Mordvar, friend of the family

What’s your go-to order after work? 
“I usually get the Frisco Melt. It’s got Thousand Island dressing, sourdough, meat and cheese. What more do you want?” – Ed Diedrich, cook

What makes this kitchen different than others you’ve worked in? 
“Definitely the creativity, especially with the specials, that and the quality of what we make. They’re really open to ideas.” – Jhonetta Phillips, cook

What’s been the busiest day at Hi-Pointe so far? 
“I think the Saturday we opened was the craziest day we ever had. It was upwards of $17,000 [in sales]. Figure the average order at $15 a head.” – Adam Pritchett, executive chef

What’s one of the customer challenges you face on the regular? 
“Customers always come in, and they want to order something they saw on Instagram, and they don’t realize we change our specials daily. I think we’ve repeated only one or two in a year and a half. We always try to make them what they want if we have the ingredients in-house, though.” – Jason Scroggins, general manager

Matt Sorrell is staff writer at Sauce Magazine.