thanksgiving leftovers make delicious white turkey chili. photo by greg rannells

6 recipes to use up all your Thanksgiving leftovers

No matter how much we eat, there will always be leftovers the day after Thanksgiving. These recipes can fuel Black Friday shopping or feed all the relatives still in town.

1. Step up your turkey sandwich game with this Leftover Turkey Cuban. Sliced ham and Swiss cheese nod to a classic cubano, while leftover turkey and cranberry sauce inject it with holiday spirit.

2. Cranberry sauce proves especially versatile in this Leftover Cranberry Tart. Serve as a midday snack or dessert after a long day of shopping.

3. Leftover turkey can be painfully dry. Not so in this simple White Turkey Chili with leftover white and dark meat, cannellini beans and all your favorite chili spices. Pile it all in the slow cooker and return five hours later for dinner.

curried waldorf turkey salad // photo by julia calleo

4. Transform Thanksgiving turkey into a sophisticated salad with the Curried Turkey Waldorf Salad. Mayonnaise, green onion and mild curry powder breathe new life into the leftovers.  

5. Don’t toss those turkey bones! The Thanksgiving turkey can be a gift that keeps on giving. Combine the bones, neck and giblets with celery, onions, carrots, parsley and bay leaves to make a Poultry Stock that can lasts months in the freezer.

6. With so many extravagant side dishes, bread can often be neglected in Thanksgiving turmoil. Salvages those sad slices and stale rolls and make Garlic Breadcrumbs out of them. 

Sophie Tegenu is an editorial intern at Sauce Magazine. 

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