pizza knotchos at pie guy pizza photo by carmen troesser

Why you should eat Pizza Knotchos at Pie Guy Pizza now

If you’re sick of cute, fusion-y food, the Pizza Knotchos at Pie Guy Pizza in The Grove might just make you believe in love again. This beautiful marriage of pizza and nachos begins with a substantial pile of garlic knots topped with a mess of mozzarella-pecorino cheese sauce, marinara, pepperoni chunks and a dollop of ricotta instead of sour cream. There’s also piquant pesto and a tapenade that serves as a kind of Italian pico de gallo to cut through the richness. Each doughnut hole-sized knot has a soft, tender interior and the crust stays crispy despite being covered in an Italian flag of on-point sauces.

Heather Hughes is managing editor at Sauce Magazine.