sugarfire smoke house barbecue is now available at schnucks. photo courtesy of green olive media

Sugarfire Smoke House launches new products in partnership with Schnucks

Sugarfire Smoke House
has partnered with Schnucks to release a new line of products at 109 Schnucks locations across Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

More than a dozen popular products will be ready to heat and eat, including beef brisket, pulled pork, mac and cheese and coleslaw, along with Sugarfire’s line of barbecue sauces that launched in 2015.

Co-owner and founder Mike Johnson said the idea is to give people a good Sugarfire experience.

“We wanted to test them on a mass scale and see what we could give the best quality,” Johnson said. “We understand it’s not the same as getting it hot in the restaurant, but we wanted it to come as close as possible and see what we could do nationally.”

Johnson said the company is already in the process of expanding.

“We are about to open a store in Texas and looking to open in Florida coming soon,” he said. “We are looking to get our brand and barbecue out there to new customers.”

Sugarfire Smoke House has 13 locations across Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Colorado.

Marcelle Owona is an editorial intern at Sauce Magazine.

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