Letter from Sauce publisher, Allyson Mace, on COVID-19


I want to speak to you today straight from my heart. Every morning, I wake up to another wave of sadness and panic as I witness what’s happening to our invigorated, bright, enterprising community, and I know I’m not alone. We’ve all been rendered powerless as we watch the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic tear through our food service family in slow motion. The feeling of loss and fear of the unknown is palpable everywhere – without any relief.

And yet, we’re all doing our best to stay as positive as possible. Of course we are. After all, we’re creative people. We aren’t afraid to take risks. We’ve succeeded because we beat the odds with our talent. For us, there’s no other way to be.

That’s why our livelihoods are so much more to us than a job. Every day, we live in our purpose and make a difference in people’s lives, proving over and over that this is exactly where we belong. And it shows in the quality of our contribution to this city.

But the uncertainty we’re facing now is bigger than all of us put together. No one knows what’s going to happen to the businesses we’ve invested our hearts and souls in or how this will affect our families, colleagues, employees and friends. For me personally, I don’t know if the magazine I built with an inspired idea and two decades of daily, focused, hard work and commitment will exist in a month.

Sauce had just started 20 years ago when 9/11 hit. We survived the 2008 financial crisis and many other smaller obstacles with the support of the community and the love of our readership, and I’m holding onto that right now.

What I do know is that I have the most solid, loyal team in the history of the magazine that just gave Sauce its best year yet. And, as always, I feel the support from the community, the food and beverage industry, and our readers. I trust that will continue no matter what happens or how long it takes for us all to recover.

To the food and beverage community in St. Louis, we are your biggest cheerleaders, now more than ever. We have launched a public Facebook group for local businesses to share their important changes in business with the St. Louis community. Join more than 6,000 members on Facebook: at “How to support STL restaurants through COVID-19.” 

We've also updated our Restaurant Guide to include who is offering carryout, curbside, delivery and more.

As scary as this time is, I have an abiding faith in us. Our scene may not look the same on the other side of this, but with our combined creative skills, penchants for risk-taking and unmatched hustle, we will rebuild – and we will be better for it.

There’s no other way to be.

My deepest respect and love for you all,

Allyson Mace

Sauce Magazine founder and publisher