10 St. Louis restaurants offering family-style takeout meals

The fam is hungry and you don’t feel like cooking. Your frozen pizza and canned chili situation is not strong at the moment. Maybe you need to go to the store, but aren’t feeling it today. You can go tomorrow. But what will you do for dinner? 

Fortunately, you’ve got a number of options at your disposal. While all open restaurants have switched to carryout and delivery only, many have also modified their menus to provide new options and volumes suitable to family-style dining. Some, like Seoul Taco, have even provided fun guides to preparing and plating your food as if you were in a restaurant. Others, like J. Devoti Trattoria, are offering boxes containing recipes and the high-quality ingredients necessary to make then. 

Here are a number of interesting options we’ve found, from the DIY to the ready-to-eat. 

The Block’s menu currently has a number of family-style dishes that can be ordered a la carte; all of them serve six. Current starter options are the Block salad and baked mac and cheese, while entrees include mixed vegetable pasta, pork and dumplings, pulled pork sliders and grass-fed beef sliders. A grilled broccoli side rounds out the list. $15 to $48 

Seoul Taco offers family meal kits that feed four. The Gogi bowl kit comes with your choice of protein, rice, gochujang pepper paste, four eggs (to cook at home), salad mix and toppings. The taco meal kit comes with a protein, salad mix, Seoul sauce, tortillas and toppings. The burrito meal kit features a protein, kimchi fried rice, Seoul sauce, wasabi sauce, sour cream, salad mix, tortillas and toppings. $32 

The Scottish Arms currently offers family meals that feed four and include a half-pan of one of the following: Shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash, cock a leekie and dumplings, kofta biryani, korma (with choice of protein), fish fry and haggis. $25 

Guerrilla Street Food // photo by Carmen Troesser

Guerrilla Street Food's Delmar location  feeds four to five and includes your choice of four appetizers, four entrees and two sides. $40 

Medina’s family meal feeds six to eight and features options like basmati rice, falafel, shawarma, hummus and pita. Sauce options include garlic tahini, taziki and chili sauce. $50 

courtesy of Medina

Dressel’s Public House offers four large meals. The Family Fish Dinner includes two large pieces of battered haddock, two bags of chips, two sides of mac & cheese and four chocolate chip cookies. $48. The Deluxe Dinner includes Dressel’s pretzel, porchetta, truffled grilled cheese, mac & cheese, tomato bisque and one bag of chips. $35. The Tacos y Cervezas meal comes with four fish tacos, black beans, chips and rarebit, four bottles of Corona and half a lime. $39. The Burgers and beer package includes Buffalo wings, two deluxe burgers, a bag of chips and two quarts of draft beer. $48 

Retreat Gastropub is doing a rotating family meal. One recent special has been a jambalaya dish that serves four; it’s made with Cajun smoked salmon, shrimp, cod and spicy tomato broth, and is served with basmati rice and garlic bread. The meal comes with a bottle of wine. Prices vary.

J Devoti Trattoria offers a Bounty Box, which feeds two to five and comes with a recipe for roasted chicken and veggies. The box includes ingredients and sides like a whole Buttonwood Farms chicken, sea salt focaccia, a dozen eggs, half a gallon of Rolling Lawns Farm whole milk and an assortment of fresh produce for the dish. $65The restaurant’s family meal for two comes with Benne’s Farm pork, Caesar salad, veggies and dessert. $50 

Salt + Smoke’s family meal aims to feed four to six with two pounds of either chicken, pork, brisket or ribs, a pack of Hawaiian rolls, an assortment of sauces, and two quarts sides like pit beans, potato salad, coleslaw, chips and more. $50

Elmwood’s dinner for two allows you to choose a main from the following: short rib, traditional roast chicken, jerk rub chicken, spice-roasted chicken, lemon-pepper chicken, hot fried chicken and pasta of the day.  Greens options are broccoli Caesar and mixed greens, while hot sides are twice fried potatoes or coal-roasted carrots. $40

Adam Rothbarth is the staff writer at Sauce Magazine.