a selection of dishes from freddie g's chicken & waffle photo by lauren healey

First Look: Freddie G's Chicken & Waffle in Hyde Park

North City’s fried chicken game just got upped – and with a sweet twist. Freddie G’s Chicken & Waffle opened July 11 at 1435 Salisbury St. in the Hyde Park neighborhood of North City to great reception from the surrounding community.

“It’s been busy pretty much busy from open till close,” said owner Tebyron Graham, whose late grandfather Freddie Graham inspired the name. “The reason I named it after him is that, even when he was on hospice, he always inquired about what I had going on. Once he passed, I was thinking about names for this place, and it just seemed right. If he was living right now, he would be very excited. His name lives on even in death.”

The joint specializes in – you guessed it – chicken and waffles in a variety of preparations, but there’s also an array of other items, like shrimp and grits, pastas, salads and sandwiches.

Graham’s cousin, chef Rashad McKinney, who has worked in kitchens around town and owns Nix Red Catering, helms the kitchen.

“I feel like chicken and waffles could be simplified, so I make sure to showcase my chef-ness and put a unique spin on things,” McKinney said, adding there are many house-made sauces, including maple mustard, jalepeno maple syrup, and the top-secret G-Sauce, which McKinney would not divulge even a hint of its ingredients.

The restaurant had been in the works since the beginning of the year, and Graham wasn’t about to let COVID slow him down too much.

“This was something I definitely wasn’t gonna let go,” he said. “We plan on being around a long time, and once [the pandemic passes], we can get back to somewhat normal and will look into another location.”

Check out the slideshow below for a First Look at the family-owned and -operated restaurant.