consent is my love language mural photo by lauren healey

‘Consent is My Love Language’ mural painted in the Grove in response to sexual assault allegations

In an effort to bring more light to sexual assault allegations that surfaced in June, a mural has been painted on the side of Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.’s location in the Grove as part of a new campaign called Consent is My Love Language. 

The Wandering Sidecar Bar Co., Girl Louie and STL Against Sexual Assault have partnered to launch the campaign, aiming to continue the conversation around sexual assault. After the numerous claims that came about in the Grove this summer, the organizations felt the conversation had since dissipated.

The mural was designed by Girl Louie, a creative storytelling agency, and painted by sexual assault survivors from each organization. “We wanted to put up a clear message that that behavior is not tolerable,” said Wandering Sidecar Bar Co. owner Tiffany Unger. “[We] thought that the mural piece would be the perfect way to do that.” 

The project is self-funded by the involved organizations with supply donations from Meyer Painting Co., though there are efforts to raise money for further campaign funds through T-shirt sales

“The money raised will go to STL [Against Sexual Assault],” Unger said. “They’re wanting to supply training for people in the industry about sexual harrassment and assault. It’s difficult because of COVID right now, but they hope to offer group trainings, and they’re already working on resources to provide to bars and restaurants.”

From left, Bek Lokey of STL Against Sexual Assault, Sarah Shelton of Girl Louie, Sam Hunerlach of STL ASA, Kelsey McClure of STL ASA, Tiffany Unger of Wandering Sidecar Bar Co. and Bartenders for Black Lives, Tara Phelan of STL ASA, and Ashley Krull of STL ASA // photo by Lauren Healey

The group plans to expand its efforts – with a potential billboard in mind – and hopes to continue fighting against sexual assault. 

“We wanted women and men to feel empowered to speak out and say that nothing less than consent will be accepted,” Unger said. “We plan to do more projects around the city and more statement pieces. We’ve had people reach out about putting the design on their building; if we could get it a few places around the city, that would be really awesome.”

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