Robust Wine Bar will debut health-focused offshoot, Clean & Juicy, this weekend

The wine buffs at Robust Wine Bar in Webster Groves are opening a new addition to their current spot called Clean & Juicy this Saturday, Oct. 17. The new concept is in collaboration with other local businesses to offer cold-pressed juices, alkaline water and bone broths to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

 “Everybody has a lot going on in their lives,” said Arlene Browne, who co-owns Robust with her husband Stanley Browne. “Of course, we love great food and great wine, but it’s not balanced. My husband and I love to indulge in great wine and food, but you can’t just always be having cocktails and eating great food, you’ve got to have things that keep you healthy. Our [new offerings] will have plenty of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy, strong and energized and make sure you live a longer life.”

The menu delivers a variety of health benefits, such as fresh fruits and vegetables in the juices and alkaline water with an approximate pH level of 9.5.

“There are studies that show that [alkaline water] improves your metabolism and reduces acidity in your body,” she explained. “We have an alkaline water machine, then we’ll add things like [vitamin] B12 or collagen or organic hibiscus or lemongrass, lavender, activated charcoal, fresh lemon and lime, and turmeric.”

Some of the infusions for the alkaline water will come from Big Heart Tea Co., while the juices will come from Source Juicery and the bone broth from Butcher & Farmer.

“We could have gone with any juicery, but we really love what Source stands for – since they’re cold-pressed, the best nutrients are still in the juice and they’re packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants,” Browne said. “And bone broth is a great protein source; it contains collagen and amino acids and is supposed to help with skin, hair and nails and boosts your immunity and aids digestion.”

Additionally, Robust has transitioned to offer only “clean” wines, which utilize higher quality grapes typically sourced from smaller, more environmentally conscious wineries. These wines have less additives like sugars, preservatives and sulfates – “things they use to hide flaws in the winemaking process,” she said. “We are not only [offering items that are] better for the environment, but better for your body too.”

All of the products will be pre-packaged with a shelf life of up to five days, though it is encouraged to use them within the first couple days to maximize health benefits. 

“I think right now it's such a great thing [that] people are trying really hard to stay healthy and keep their immune system up,” she said. 

Clean & Juicy will be located inside Robust Wine Bar. Orders can be placed at the brick-and-mortar or online (the link should be live by opening day), and there are delivery and curbside pickup options as well.