wild crush wine bar(n) photo by michelle volansky

Wild Crush Wine Bar(n) will bring a rural winery feel to Town & Country in July

Warm nights with a patio full of new and old friends sharing drinks while listening to live music is what co-owners Jay Delsing and Karen Paslawski envisioned when thinking of Wild Crush Wine Bar(n). Delsing said the new Blacksmith Grove development at 13360 Clayton Road in Town & Country will bring the perfect rural winery feel, like that of Augusta, closer to the city when it opens this summer, likely in early July, as reported by St. Louis Magazine.

“We love going to the wineries here in Missouri, but they’re so far out that after you have a couple of glasses of wine, you’re like, ‘How the hell am I gonna drive back home?’” said Delsing. “We want to bring that winery feel into the city.” 

Delsing and Paslawski chose the name Wild Crush Wine Bar(n) as a nod to the design of the building, which is reminiscent of a barn, which sits on seven acres of lush property. “You don’t come in overalls because it’s not that kind of barn, but more of a relaxed, sort of upscale barn-y atmosphere that’s going to make you just want to come in and relax,” Delsing said. 

Wild Crush will utilize a wine dispenser and preservation system from Napa Technology that allows you to select and pour the wines yourself. Customers can purchase a card with 16 ounces on it, and then choose from 24 rotating wines and get anywhere from 1 ounce to a full glass at a time. The card tracks what is purchased and can be refilled as needed. There will be a selection of reds, whites and rosés, and pricing per ounce varies depending on the cost of the wine.

There will also be a limited selection of spirits for mixed drinks available as well as a limited beer selection. There will likely be two frozen drinks available at any given time, including frosés, frozen strawberry vodka lemonades or frozen Champagne with fruit.

Food pairings can be selected off the Wild Crush market menu. There will be somewhere between eight and 15 a la carte items, like prosciutto, salami, nuts, warm bread and cheeses where customers can build their preferred meat and cheese board. These items can be ordered on your phone via QR codes at each table, and then a server will bring the items to your table, whether inside or on the large patio. Customers can also order a picnic with a bottle of wine poured into a to-go container, along with a blanket and charcuterie items to take and enjoy on the grassy areas of the property, which features a lake. There are also plans to bring a wine club to the bar, though details have not been finalized. 

Wild Crush will host live music throughout the summer for guests to enjoy with their drinks. Ultimately, Delsing said, he hopes Wild Crush can give back to the community of Town & Country by selling apparel with some proceeds benefiting a local charity, or potentially donating to local charities based on wine sales on certain days.“We’re both very community-oriented, and we’re just kind of leading with our hearts on this thing,” Delsing said.