bagels in the works at dough joe's photo by carmen troesser

4 new bagel places to try in St. Louis right now

Are good bagels finally coming to St. Louis? No, they’ve always been here, most notably at The Bagel Factory in Creve Coeur and, in the old days, Central West End’s Basically Bagels. That said, there are some new bagel programs in the game that are worth knowing about. 

Dough Joe’s is slinging tasty plain, sesame, asiago and poppy seed bagels at the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market. Pick up some of their everything bagel seasoning if you want to do it yourself (or if you just want some extra bling on top of your spread). Joe’s secret weapon is the frozen pepperoni pizza bagel; if you grew up eating Bagel Bites, you’ll be in heaven once you heat this baby up.

joe orf, founder of dough joe's, with his pizza bagels // photo by carmen troesser

Also gracing the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market is Adam Stroud’s Stroud City Bagels, which sells asiago, everything and sesame bagels on Saturdays. Occasional specials have included a bagel with nutella and cocoa nibs as well as a rainbow bagel and a loaded baked potato bagel. Stroud City also sells bagels elsewhere in the St. Louis area at pop-up events and farmers markets, so keep an eye on social media to make sure you catch Stroud City at the right time and place. 

While bagels tend to pop up more often in the city these days, bagel fans in the county can seek out Lefty’s Bagels, which operates out of The Bakers Hub, a shared kitchen and incubator in Chesterfield that also hosts businesses like The Tipsy Goat and Gooey Louie Gooey Butter Cakes. There, Lefty’s Bagels – named for co-owner Scott Lefton – offers plain, poppy seed, sesame and everything bagels on weekends starting at 9 a.m.

The bialy is a baked roll that isn’t usually boiled and sports an indentation in the center rather than a hole, but it serves a similar function to the bagel when sliced and dressed with tasty toppings. Case in point: the sesame seed bialy at Songbird, Forest Park Southeast’s newest brunch hotspot. There, diners can order a bialy with house-cured Scottish salmon, whipped cream cheese, capers, a sieved egg, dill and pickled red onions. It may not technically be a bagel, but with that spread, we don’t really care what you call it.

Get Bagels Here

Dough Joe’s, 224.383.4760,

Stroud City Bagels, Facebook: Stroud City Bagels

Lefty’s Bagels, 67 Forum Shopping Center, Chesterfield, 314.275.0959,

Songbird, 4476 Chouteau Ave., St. Louis, 314.781.4344,