a spread of barbecue items and sides from nubby’s bbq photo by adam rothbarth

First Look: Nubby’s BBQ in Oakville

When Nubby’s BBQ opened in the All American Sports Mall at 11133 Lindbergh Business Court in 2017, people loved the food, but the space wasn’t ideal. “At the beginning, we had a great response, but one of the things that’s hard is that you have to go upstairs, and it’s in a recreational complex, which isn’t really a great dining environment,” said owner Matt Hines. “We knew that it was never a proper setup for what we were wanting to accomplish.” With the opening of Nubby’s new brick-and-mortar in Oakville at 6039 Telegraph Road at the end of May, the popular brand has more space to become what Hines knows it can be.  

While many restaurants delayed opening during the pandemic, it happened to present the right kind of opportunity for Hines, who was overwhelmed by the number of new spots opening in the years preceding it. “We wanted to (open a brick-and-mortar), but it seemed like something new was opening up everywhere you turned,” he explained. “We found a wonderful spot that had a lot of work done in it that we thought we could mend to work for barbecue. It’s just been an unbelievable ride.” 

Fans of Nubby’s should be right at home at the restaurant’s new space, where they’ll find a lot of familiar options and a couple new ones. “We added a lot of homestyle items, which are a struggle to keep in stock now,” Hines said. New items include chicken and dumplings, shepherd’s pie and chuck roast, while some other items – mostly fried dishes, according to Hines – have left the menu. Still in the game are dishes like smoked nachos and wings, burgers, salads and sandwiches. “Sandwiches are selling like crazy right now,” Hines said, excitedly. “The brisket Reuben ... people really seem to take off on it.”  

Of course, the base of Nubby’s menu is still its beloved barbecue, from brisket and burnt ends to baby back ribs and turkey; a strong list of sides includes German potato salad, baked beans, maple bacon green beans and more.  

Check out the slideshow below for more information about hours and days of operation, Nubby’s bar and more.