Wine bar and bottle shop Grand Spirits Bottle Co. is slated to open on South Grand in September

Natural wine lovers will soon have a new spot to get their fix. Michael Fricker, former executive sous chef of Cinder House, plans to open a wine bar and bottle shop called Grand Spirits Bottle Co. in early September at 3194 S. Grand Blvd. in Tower Grove South, as reported by St. Louis Magazine.

Fricker discovered his love for wine while working as a chef and, after doing some research, he realized there weren’t a lot of local spots to purchase all-natural wines. “There wasn’t a place on Grand or in the vicinity that did wine, and there wasn’t a shop in the city that was dedicated to solely natural wine,” said Fricker. “The last 18 months, I’ve gotten really into natural wine, so I kind of wanted to go that route, and now we’re headed that way.”

Roughly 65% to 75% of the bar’s offerings will be wine, including both high-end and less expensive bottles. There will also be craft beer and spirit options, as well as an agave lounge. “It’s a little back room off the main bar dedicated solely to Mexican spirits like mezcal, tequila and raicilla,” Fricker said. 

Guests wishing to imbibe in-house will be able to choose from by-the-glass beverages and weekly specials or grab a bottle off the rack. Corkage fees will likely be $10 for the first bottle and $5 for subsequent bottles.

There will also be seasonal food offerings, such as paninis, ceviche and burrata in the summer and grilled cheese and soups in the winter, as well as year-round charcuterie options.

The 1,400-square-foot space will feature wine racks across the wall holding around 3,500 bottles, as well as bistro-style tables with leather chairs and antique backgammon and checkers tables to entertain guests as they drink. Fricker is working with local artists to create murals to decorate the bar to provide a comfortable, lounge-style atmosphere.

Fricker looks forward to bringing his love of wine to the Tower Grove community and hopes he can spread that through various events such as classes, wine tastings and a monthly art gallery to showcase the talent of local artists. Monthly subscription boxes will also be available. “It’s all about curating an experience and connections with guests and making sure that connection is real and honest,” said Fricker. “We want to not only drink and have fun, but to step out of the box a little bit.”

For more information, visit or find the bar and bottle shop on Facebook and Instagram.