Serendipity will close its Webster Groves location this weekend before reopening in the Grove next year

Fans of Serendipity have surely been looking forward to the brand’s impending shop in the Grove, which is set to open next spring. In the meantime, Serendipity’s storefront at 8130 Big Bend Blvd. will close this Sunday, Dec. 19. Owner Beckie Jacobs said that the main reason for the closing was that her landlord chose not to extend the lease, but added that she aims to find another space in Webster Groves as soon as she can. “I’m still looking to find a place in Webster,” she said. “I’m going to miss my Webster friends more than I can express. I’m so grateful for their love.”  

Jacobs said she’s still producing ice cream for her clients, and that fans of the brand won’t be totally out of luck with regards to Serendipity retail and events this winter, as an Ice Cream for Breakfast event will still take place at both The Parkmoor and The Sliced Pine on Feb. 5. After that, Jacobs aims to work out of The Sliced Pint until her Grove location opens.