sushi tray from taberu photo courtesy of harry boston for taberu

Taberu brings stunning sushi catering to St. Louis

With Taberu, chef Heidi Skye Hamamura brings together her fine dining experience, background in the visual arts, and formidable sushi technique (learned at the knee of her father, chef Naomi “Hama San” Hamamura, one of St. Louis’ OG sushi masters) under the umbrella of a catering and private event venture. Taberu’s cornerstone is Hamamura’s stunning sushi trays with rows of precisely carved sashimi topped with bright pops of colorful roe, tightly coiled rolls and edible flowers. Featuring clean flavors that allow the taste of the fish to shine through, Hamamura works solely with Japanese ingredients sourced from Japanese distributors. Trays start at $125 (price includes delivery), and Hamamura primarily takes orders through Taberu’s Instagram account.

Instagram: @taberu_stl

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