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St. Louis-based Good Taste Edibles sets the bar high for rosin gummies

Having spent my formative years as a teenage stoner hiding my highly illegal habit, it's a breath of fresh air to be able to now write about my experiences legally. And so it was in a celebratory fashion that I set out to one of my favorite local dispensaries, NatureMed in South County, to see what goodies they had in store for me to review. (Fun fact: This dispensary offers daily specials and deals, including a 20 percent discount on edibles every Thursday.)

I'd met some members of the Good Taste Edibles team at United We Brunch, a recent Sauce Magazine event, and my interest was piqued when I saw that NatureMed had some of the company's solventless rosin gummies in stock. I picked up a 100-milligram pack of Clementine Sativa Gummies with 10 pieces coming in at 10 milligrams of THC each. Upon opening the container and taking a whiff, the herbal aroma of terpenes was evident right away. In no time I was eagerly digging in.

I generally tend to prefer sativa over indica, but I must admit, I often buy whatever is cheapest — normally a hybrid — so I hadn't had any straight sativa edibles in a while. For my first foray into the Good Taste realm, I took half a gummy — 5 milligrams — about 30 minutes before arriving at a family party. I tried to let the candy dissolve in my mouth for quicker onset, but after the sugar crystal coating dissolved it didn't seem to be melting very quickly, so I gave in and chomped it down. It had a nice texture with vegetal and citrusy notes and didn't get stuck in my teeth, as gummies often do.

About 45 minutes later I started to feel that familiar buzz onset: a creeping sensation of euphoria/elation with a side of the giggles, plus some slight visual enhancement — brightened colors, sharper lines and a few tracers. Others at the party were having a few adult beverages, and I found myself right on their level of merriment and hilarity without taking a sip of alcohol.

I enjoyed this mild-but-definitely-noticeable buzz for a few hours before going on to my next stop, where I had snacks and a cocktail. The drink reignited the buzz onset I'd felt a few hours prior, as well as some pretty intense munchies. I slept very soundly that night, something I frequently have trouble with, and decided to sample the edibles again the following day completely sans booze.

I waited until just before dinner and took another 5 milligrams, which led to the same buzzed feeling as the night prior. I gave my canna-friend, who has a higher edible tolerance than me, two full gummies for a total of 20 milligrams, 5 less than their normal dose. After dinner, we headed to City Museum (a fun place to be baked, to be sure) for an active outing. The 20 milligrams seemed to work for my friend just as well as their usual 25 milligrams from another brand, and we had a fun time giggling and squinting and traipsing around the giant playground. About three or four hours after I had taken my initial dose, the effects were beginning to diminish, and I decided to take another half-gummy. It probably wasn't necessary, but it did re-up my high and kept the evening rolling along smoothly, although it also led to another case of munchies (the bane of my existence, sigh). I slept very soundly again that night and even slept in late on Sunday morning, for a grand sleep total of nearly 10 hours — almost unheard of for me.

Overall, I would recommend the Good Taste sativa gummies to a friend. I think the energizing effects were evident, particularly while I was socializing and up and moving around, but the cannabinoid essence of heavy rest came through once I had sat down and settled in for the evening. My only complaint, and not much of one, is that I do prefer a gummy with a texture that will easily melt in the mouth. These aren't the cheapest gummies, at about $30 for 100 milligrams (mine came in at $28.02 with tax after the 20 percent discount on Thursday), but are a worthy purchase nonetheless, especially if you prefer sativa edibles.

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