Boombox bar and lounge will open at Majorette in Maplewood in July

It won’t just be Maplewood strapping on its boogie shoes when Boombox Lounge opens in early July; we’ll all be doing it. Boombox is another groovy space from Schuchard Projects, best known for Tim’s Chrome Bar in Bevo Mill, Das Bevo, Boo Cat Club, and the event space Majorette at 7150 Manchester Ave. Boombox will share part of Majorette’s square footage and will be located in its basement.

Owner Pat Schuchard is calling his newest enterprise a “cocktail lounge.” But there are hints that this might blow the doors off that usual concept: For starters, there are umpteen games to play down here – two crisp pool tables, a mint shuffleboard, foosball, darts and a coffee-table of things like Jenga and checkers. Schuchard used the word “clubby,” and mentioned that karaoke, music and dancing will be a thing, as well. And there’s a Twister “mat” painted on the floor. This is going to get interesting.

Up until now, the basement has served as an overflow space for the weddings and parties held at Majorette upstairs. And while its various appointments have yet to be set in place (i.e. disco lights), it’s looking pretty great already. “All our places start with art,” Schuchard said. He was sitting on a “blow-up-effect,” lipstick-colored armchair – one part of a “three-piece suite” (two chairs and a matching couch). Case in point, his hand-painted pop-imagery is all around the walls. “A focused aesthetic,” he said, referring to the “cartoony” theme that weaves, in varying degrees, throughout his other concepts.

Boombox, Schuchard said, will lean toward offering local craft beers in addition to wine and cocktails. For the time being, the food will be simple and snacky – as it is at Tim’s Chrome Bar.

This building has had many uses, some a bit more interesting than others. In its time, it has housed Lion’s Club, a furniture store and was, most recently, an AT&T call center. The future can’t come soon enough!

Boombox measures 2,500 square feet, and has the capacity for around 85 people inside, and 60 or so on the patio outside.