Wine + Coffee: A Seasonal Tasting for Holiday Hosting

November 24, midnight

Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop 314-764-2140

Wine and coffee; two of our favorites that dang near qualify as Thanksgiving essentials! If you'd like to bring some ethical AND delicious varieties of both to the holiday gathering, this is your chance to sample our favorites!

Come learn about organic and sustainable beverage production and taste the difference! Environmental conditions affect terroir in both wine and coffee, and these high quality drinks are perfect for showcasing such flavor notes. Expect a variety of sips by Blueprint Coffee and F & R Wine Imports.

And when you buy a bag or bottle, you'll get 30% off Calatheas - a gorgeous lowlight houseplant that comes in tons of colors and sizes!

This event is free and open to the public. 3-5pm, Sunday 11/24. Happy Holidays!