2020 Sustainable Garden and Kitchen Seminar

March 14, midnight

Parkway Northeast Middle School 3144007397

From making compost and compost tea, designing native gardens, foodscaping and selecting native trees for the home, to making kombucha, fermented foods and exploring a plant-based diet, the 2020 Sustainable Garden and Kitchen Seminar offers a class for every interest.
The keynote address will feature author, an artist/art teacher, a folk herbalist, a regenerative farmer, and a Permaculturist Crystal Stevens. Stevens is the author of award-winning Grow Create Inspire and Worms at Work.
Seminar sponsors include Forrest Keeling Nursery, Branneky True Value Hardware, and Blue Bird Compost. Cost is $50, which includes lunch from Missouri farmers and producers, courtesy of Seed Sprout Spoon. To register, visit extension.missouri.edu/stlouis. For more information, contact us at (314) 400-2115 or by email at stlouisco@missouri.edu.