French Colonial World Tour No History Book Required - Just Bring Your Appetite

February 20, midnight

2017 Chouteau Ave. 314-241-8989

France has always been recognized as a gastronomic leader but many
don't realize the impact it had on the cuisines around the world during
its colonial expansion from the 16th to the 18th centuries.
Join us on this Thursday evening at Vin de Set as we take you on a French Colonial World Tour

February 20th - Vietnam
1st Course
bahn pate so
pork pate, puff pastry & soy ginger sauce
2nd Course
beef pho
hard boiled egg, scallions & rice noodles

3rd Course
bahn mi
french baquette, vietnamese meatballs, pickled carrot, cucumber & chili

3 Course Dinner 34.99 plus tax & gratuity, 3 Course Wine Pairing additional 12.99 plus tax & gratuity