January 26, midnight

City Museum 3149735525

Circus Harmony’s annual confluence of music and circus arts is a circus spy thriller this year! The show, titled Accelerando, features new acts including Chinese Pole and Hoop Diving, coached by Circus Harmony graduates who are touring the world performing these acts with wit Cirque du Soleil and les 7 Doigts de la Main! The show will also feature a new band, making its debut this year. You might need a mirror to decode some of the clues as two teams of acrobatic spies try to find the top secret document that’s gone missing.

Circus Harmony is St. Louis’ only social circus. They use the teaching and performing of circus arts to motivate social change by building character in individuals and building bridges between communities. Be awed, amazed and inspired by these young people who come from throughout the St. Louis area as they truly defy gravity, soar with confidence, leap over social barriers and move smoothly through the decades in this entertaining circus journey!