February 02, midnight

Alton Little Theater 618-462-3205

This is a comedy about the first dates of people that meet online. There are four different dates involving 4 people:

1) Kathleen our heroine; trusting but not naïve’, kind but not simple and looking for love and romance

2) Roger our hero; a down-to-earth guy who’s slightly awkward around women, a romantic who’d afraid to make the wrong choice

3) Sandra who’s flashy-sexy and looking for a man with money, desperate and manipulating but not a bad person

4) Frank’s a slick and sleazy guy who talks big but can’t back it up. He’s sexist and a misogynist but doesn’t even know it

Each woman goes out with both men. First dates are interesting in and of themselves because of the dynamics of two strangers getting to know someone and impress them at the same time. What makes it more interesting is that in addition to the man and woman being on the date, we also have their brains onstage with them. So the audience gets to see and hear what they’re really thinking as opposed to what they’re actually saying.

The play is about miscommunication and misunderstanding. It shows how often people misinterpret the nuances of words and body language: how things happen that shouldn’t and worse, how things sometimes don’t happen that should. It’s a play that mostly makes people laugh but also makes them think and hope.