3rd Annual Al Rubin Memorial Crawfish Boil

March 02, midnight

Narwhal's Crafted 314-696-8388

Outside of New Orleans, you can't get a much better atmosphere for Mardi Gras then St. Louis! If you're looking to take on Soulard for the day...we've got you covered! If you're looking to avoid the crowds but not the celebration...we've got you covered too!

Here's what we have planned:

On March 2nd we'll be opening our doors early, 7AM to be exact. We don't want you taking on Mardi Gras on an empty stomach so we'll have some donuts from World’s Fair Donuts for those who are early enough. Plus, we'll be giving out a few free drinks and shuttle wristbands to the first couple people through the door.

Speaking of the shuttle, just like last year we will be running a shuttle from 8AM-3PM that will take you from Narwhal's to Russell & Gravois (about as close as you can get to Soulard). $10 will get you a wristband that gives you access to the shuttle all day. A cheap and safe trip into the heart of Mardi Gras, what more could you ask for!

If you want to avoid the Soulard crowd but still celebrate, we're on the same page! We will be open all day and provide a laidback atmosphere while still feeling like you're not sitting on the sideline during Mardi Gras. Plus, we'll be adding 3 Mardi Gras inspired frozen cocktails to the menu – Elderflower Gin Fizz, Hurricane Tony, and Black Cherry Sazerac.

From 12PM-5PM (or until sold out) we'll be having a Crawfish Boil with some amazing Cajun courtesy of Cajun Boil Company. We'll be serving 1lb plates for $20, and you can add as many extra lbs as you want for $15/lb. Each plate comes with french bread and all the fixins from the boil!

So if you're capping off a day in Soulard or getting a late start to the celebration make sure to stop by for some authentic Cajun eats!