Tables for 2: Six hot spots to enjoy a come-hither dinner

Table 34 
The Crossing
7823 Forsyth Blvd., Clayton 314.721.7375
What you see is more than a place to fine dine; it’s the next best thing to pillow talk. Located at The Crossing in Clayton, where you can fall in love all over again with classics such as blue cheese soufflé, this recess has enchanting acoustics. Listen to conversation strands floating up like champagne bubbles, or concentrate on your buttercup’s sweet nothings. What’s said in this niche, stays in this niche. Be as lovey-dovey as you like.
Table 17
Frazer’s Restaurant & Lounge
1811 Pestalozzi St.,
St. Louis · 314.773.8646
Nobody puts Baby in a corner – unless, of course, it’s romantic.
Frazer’s Restaurant in Benton Park has an alcove off its main dining room where couples can sit beside a love-red wall. Slightly secluded from neighboring tables, the corner two-top begs a tête-à-tête. Conversation pieces include anything from beef and chorizo meatloaf wrapped in bacon to duck confit sweetened with a kiss of honey. Casual and eclectic, Frazer’s wins over both old flames and new flames.

Table 31
Sapphire Pan Asian
4753 McPherson Ave.,
St. Louis · 314.361.0013
Between its seductive mood light and feng shui perfection, Sapphire oozes with sex appeal. No pressure, though. Just sit down and relax over some Thai-spiced chicken breast and a glass of Riesling. The best deuce in the house keeps you away from chilly windows while putting the charm of the Central West End into view. Espy its sleepy lampposts, sparkling sidewalks, luscious architecture. Again, no pressure. You become more alluring with each sip of wine.

Table 20
Yemanja Brasil
2900 Missouri Ave.,
St. Louis · 314.771.7457
Benton Park’s Yemanja Brasil hits the spot whenever you’re in the mood for amor. Exposed brick walls adorned by macramé hammocks plus plants and a mosaic-framed fireplace add up to a rustic, tactile interior. Lovers love sitting close to Yemanja, goddess of soft moonlight and the hypnotizing sea. Among her gifts: Salmão Barra da Tijuca, sautéed salmon graced by a white wine-caper sauce and Moqueca Baiana, seafood stew in a spicy coconut broth.
Angling across from the flicker of the fire, this cozy deuce will put a twinkle in your eyes.

Table 22
Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood
620 Market St., St. Louis 314.421.1540
The north-facing booth at Mike Shannon’s offers one of the slickest city vistas in town. That said, feel free to order the cowboy rib eye. And a few of the 14 sides. And a dessert. It’s likely you’ll want to spend some quality time in this comfy two-seater, not least of all because its crescent shape lets you stay close to you-know-who. We’d dine here again in a heartbeat.

Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood
620 Market St., St. Louis 314.421.1540
The train compartment-like “snugs” at Mike Shannon’s are fancy, and so we encourage you to be on your best behavior. Do not dim the lights down low. Do not slide the door completely shut. Do remember that the server might come knocking any minute with another round of drinks. Anything else? Oh, yes. While the restaurant’s namesake may be an athlete, we think it best to refrain from playing footsies.