byrd & barrell j.i.t.b. tacos photo by julia calleo

Why we crave Byrd & Barrel's J.I.T.B. tacos any time of day

Some things taste so good at the end of the night. Then the cold, harsh light of day proves that, without the soft glow of alcohol, what was so satisfying is merely meh during office hours. Byrd & Barrel knows this and has transformed a fast-food favorite into something eminently delicious at any hour. 

The J.I.T.B. tacos recast the Jack in the Box favorite with some serious culinary mojo, combining spicy meat, iceberg lettuce and melty cheese in a soft-yet-crispy corn tortilla for a transcendent bite that will make you regret every sub-par, late-night indulgence even more.

Matt Sorrell is a staff writer at Sauce Magazine.