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Jul 28, 2015
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Tweet Beat: The week’s best tweets from #STL foodies

Friday, July 24th, 2015

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A man at the bar asked me if he needed to move over & his girlfriend walked up, accused him of flirting with me and punched him in the face ‏

Woman laughing while eating salad. #stl #salad #lunch #whatiate

Drink coffee, write. Repeat all day. It’s quittin’ time.

Met some old friends at @urbanchestnut, and of course had some awesome food and beer!

A match made in heaven @davidchoiSTL @SeoulTaco
https://twitter.com/KatiePizzaPasta/status/624601340862279680/photo/1 ‏

I am not kidding when I say that this is maybe tied for the best meal I’ve had in my life… #shayaNOLA

Formaggio eataly. Omg.


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Tweet Beat: The week’s best tweets from #STL foodies

Friday, May 29th, 2015

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Eat me! ‪#NationalBurgerDay

St. Louis! ‪#STL RT ‪@esquire And the best bar city in America is… ‪http://esqm.ag/6011CLBt

I like my beds the way I like my candy, king sized

If it were possible to marry places, I would book the chapel for ‪@CornerPub_Grill in a second bc wow we are a match made in heaven

A huge thank you to Cleveland Heath, The Block and Five Bistro for your continued faith in my program!!! Couldn’t do this without you guys!!

Wish every day could be a winery day, but if you can’t get to a winery, ‪@robustwinebar is the perfect… ‪https://instagram.com/p/3G-io6sham/ 


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The Scoop: Nico in The Loop to become Salt + Smoke BBQ

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014



The word of the day is certainly barbecue! In addition to Wild Flower’s plans for Majestic in the Central West End and Dave Bailey’s announcement about a new restaurant downtown, Tom Schmidt also announced that he is changing the concept and name of his restaurant Nico (pictured), located at 6525 Delmar Blvd., in The Loop. Instead of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, patrons will be able to fill up on, you guessed it, slow-smoked barbecue. The new concept will be called Salt + Smoke BBQ and, while Schmidt has targeted an early summer opening, he stated that the restaurant may open as early as the last week in May.

“This is a great time for this concept to come to The Loop,” said Schmidt regarding the switch from Mediterranean fare to barbecue. “We’ve been smoking and curing meat in-house for years,” he said about the culinary program at his other restaurant, Franco. “Chef is excited to expand that passion into the barbecue world,” he elaborated, adding that while the menu will be barbecue-focused, “sides won’t be an afterthought.”

John Dreja will take on the role of pitmaster for Salt + Smoke. Helming the kitchen will be Haley Riley, who assumed the executive chef position at Nico last week, replacing chef Grace Dinsmoor. Dinsmoor’s last day at Nico was March 31. While she has accepted a position with a different employer, when The Scoop spoke with her, she was not at liberty to disclose such information.

Nico remains open but will close for a brief period in late May or early June so that the interior can be remodeled and the kitchen outfitted to accommodate the new menu.

– photo by Jonathan Gayman

Sauce Holiday Countdown: Perfect Partners

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013



For the host with the most, Perfect Partners equals the perfect gift. North Light Foods takes the guesswork out of pairings by pre-selecting gourmet cheeses and chocolates to pair with  white wine, red wine or beer. There’s even a guide to help you impress with the perfect cheese tasting party. It’s a gift that benefits the giver, too; never get stuck at a party with boring cheddar and swiss cubes again. Pairing kits: $28 to $38. Planning guide: $12.50. northlightfoods.com 

And now…

We’re giving away two boxes of the Perfect Partners chocolates: one to pair with white wine and cheese and the other to pair with red wine and cheese. We’re also throwing the Tasting Guide to Cheese Party Planning. Click here to enter!

Tweet Beat: The week’s best tweets from STL foodies

Friday, June 21st, 2013


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Off the Menu: Food Network’s ‘Restaurant: Impossible’ filming next week at Mama Campisi’s http://bit.ly/16jgrtR #STL #DINING

Thanks Andy Ayers for the sexy carrots http://instagram.com/p/awPuC7g_GS/

Creepy Uncle Steven
Please stop calling yourself a “Foodie”

Karen King
I got to creep in the new @iTAPCoMo space today. Excited for August!

Britta Thornton
Whoa. Post-relationship diets drastically decrease digits on the scale. Not my goal, but now my skinny jeans are baggy.

Tony Busekrus
Ready for Brewers Fest! Real men have bread necklaces :) (@ St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival) [pic]: http://4sq.com/13HIMZF 

Wine & Cheese Place
The New @PerennialBeer Woodside Tripel with @gregrannells Woodside Honey is in stock now

Keri Schrimpf
Collage of a great meal @thelibertinestl last night. Thanks for a great meal, @cookingkid and staff! pic.twitter.com/15Xf0bxkck

Foodie in STL
Only 1 unless my friends and I are invited!“@Cooking_Light: Planning a wedding? A good rule of thumb is to plan 1 bottle of wine per guest.

Chris Ladley
Murray’s.  Best shaved ice there is. http://instagram.com/p/auICPLI3Fy/ 

Brandon Benack
First batch of black summer truffles tonight at @TrufflesSTL pic.twitter.com/qe2CSRdnfb

Lee Williams
This much awarded Bitter is tasting fantastic with my big plate of liver and onions. http://instagram.com/p/atmopbFxX4/ 

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Tweet Beat: The week’s best tweets from STL foodies

Friday, May 31st, 2013

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Thuy Nguyen
@knashan @GerardFCraft @thelibertinestl Pigtails from @cookingkid = my new #crack !

Chris DiMercurio
Olive Garden thinks they can make risotto now?! Wonder if @bmox will join my black ops chef assassination squad?

john perkins
there might be poutine at the agrarian, just sayin…@threefourteen @garrick_s @amveats

Qui Tran
Another great soft shell crab in the Louie @farmhausstl! Amaze buckets! pic.twitter.com/s19jTVTI1l

I’m not sure heated shrimp should be an allowable office lunch.

Larissa Riley
Taco dip, BLT dip, feta dip. #madethismorning http://instagram.com/p/ZveITZh3uI/ 

Ned Dirlik
Dinner @sidneystcafe then 3D Imax Trek. Can’t wait for the awesome visuals, eye-popping action, intrigue… & hopefully the movie’s good too

Sudden strong craving for chil mac. You crazy, Friday.

@cookingkid @EpillzTirone My husband said it was the best macaroni and cheese he’s ever had. Ever. And he knows cheese.

my little one decided she would design her first table this afternoon #prouddad http://pic.twitter.com/Ae1efk5EYt

@AmuseDouche11 @QuincyStBistro nothing wrong with beets, just not what most people start a list of manly foods with.

Our newest beer on draught today is our collaboration ale with @guerrillastreet. Kalamansi Shandy. http://pic.twitter.com/EdUFEMZ6GC

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The Scoop: Baked & Loaded coming soon to a curbside near you

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

As the food truck season switches into high gear, a new food truck is getting ready to join the mobile cuisine scene. Baked & Loaded will specialize in baked potato wraps.

The food truck is a venture by chef Lori Megdall, who holds degrees in hospitality management and dietetics and has worked in the food industry for more than 30 years. Her baked potato wraps are made with shredded potatoes and her own seasoning blend. “My inspiration came from latkes, and wanting to make a healthier version,” explained Megdall. “I bake the wraps until they are crisp-tender, then load them up with combinations of slow-roasted prime meats, hormone-free chicken, fresh seafood, veggies and herbs, cheeses, spreads and sauces.” Megdall stated that she plans to source as much locally grown and organic ingredients as possible.

The inaugural Baked & Loaded menu will feature five different baked potato wraps: Devonshire (featuring slow-roasted shredded chicken breast with Provel and Swiss cheeses); Red Hot Bird (spicy, slow-roasted chicken breast); Primal (herbed beef and white cheddar); 66 (honey-baked ham with cheese, pickles and tomato); and VeeGee (a vegetarian option that holds roasted mushrooms, artichoke hearts, bell peppers, rosemary, shallots, Provel and a spread of sun-dried tomatoes and olives).

Look for the Baked & Loaded truck – it is a refurbished mini school bus outfitted with a surf theme – to begin roaming the streets of St. Louis in about two weeks. To keep track of its whereabouts, follow Baked & Loaded on Twitter @bakedloaded.

Tweet Beat: The week’s best tweets from STL foodies

Friday, May 24th, 2013


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Cory King
Absolutely amazing dinner from @StephAndTheGoat & @farmhausstl tonight at Little Goat for #ccbw. Thank you chefs for beer dinner perfection!

erikka cox
I came home early just to eat mac&cheese in bed and watch Law&Order reruns with my dog. Just try to keep your hands off me.

m. knaus
Drunk. Gym. Turbokick.

Hate when my @MaiLeeSTL spring roll cravings happen when I’m four hours away

Kyle Worlitz
I love scotch, scotch, scotch, scotch! Let’s go #HanshinTigers !!!

Andy karandzieff
If I win the lottery I’m buying @Pigpicker a bigger restaurant

Went to chelsea training, thought the field looked great..Way too much Bud for that crowd though and not enough good beer#knowyourfans

When life gives you lemons, make sours.

Qui Tran
Eating leftover pork craklins from @cookingkid @thelibertinestl for breakfast this morning! Great idea!

Ian Froeb
Already spotted #SoccerAtBusch @Pigpicker in Chelsea shirt driving a golf cart like the awesome badass he is.

Claire A.
Just booked a weekend at KY Lake w/friends. They’re going to be stunned by the amount of wine & booze we’ll bring. Then they’ll get drunk.

Kevin Nashan
Foie, strawberries, coffee, cilantro, herbs pic.twitter.com/sflQNLFBdO

Nicholas Handler
Porchetta plate is slammin @salumebeddu Jesus I will miss this place when I move!#pork #praisethelard pic.twitter.com/YBYPWQLX5x

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The Month in Review: April 2013

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013


As we say goodbye to another month, we’re crossing our fingers that April’s abundance of showers really will bring a few flowers. May means ball games, al fresco dining (and drinking!), the reopening of farmers markets and, hopefully, your thriving gardens. But before our next issue hits newsstands tomorrow, we take a look back at some of our favorite stories, recipes, dishes and drinks from April.

Vegetize It columnist Beth Styles got back to salad’s roots with a kale Caesar that turns to seaweed for a taste of the sea; bar-happy couple Ted and Jamie Kilgore gave us inspiration for brunch-time sipping; a familiar face put gourmet twists on some old favorites; spirits columnist Ligaya Figueras told you about a bold, bittersweet liqueur that’s picking up steam behind the bar; we showed you how easy it is to stock your pantry with homemade salts; we went all Buddy the Elf on the perfect pancake stack; we gave you a glimpse of the new taqueria that has everyone talking; you proved that you really, really like us; New and Notable reviewer Michael Renner gave us a seat at his table at The Cheshire’s chic new spot; we proved that sorghum is the new maple syrup; we told you why the Big Muddy had us at hello; managing editor Stacy Schultz revealed what she’ll do for a great cup of coffee; associate editor Julie Cohen paid respect to all things New York Magazine; we tried not to eat the entire Swedish crumb loaf from Federhofer’s; a couple creative bartenders brought the grill to your glass; art director Meera Nagarajan fantasized about summers in Provence; contributing writer Byron Kerman tracked down a stellar slice of pizza; we offered a peek into the coolest pop-up yet; Baked columnist Amrita Rawat welcomed spring with fruit-forward cupcakes; we revealed the trends we’ve got our eyes on; we found the best seat at downtown’s new MX Theater; and a culinary couple announced that they will celebrate spring Spanish style.

Lulu’s Local Eatery’s Sweet Potato Falafel

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Set your annual weight-loss resolution for 2013? Allow us to help. The sweet potato falafel at Lulu’s Local Eatery will have you eating healthy without even realizing it. The falafel is fried, yes, but it’s loaded with sweet potato, which is jam-packed with fiber and nutrients, and studded with good-for-you greens. It gets wrapped in a pita and finished with a figure-friendly tzatziki sauce. Counting carbs? Switch out that pita for fresh greens. This is gonna be your year – or at least your afternoon.

Track down the LuLu’s Local Eatery food truck on Facebook and Twitter or at luluslocaleatery.com

— photo by Carmen Troesser

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